Way, Way Beyond the Brave New World

Just about the only thing that truly upsets Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the fact that there are still Catholics in the world who have not accepted him and his falsehoods as the very embodiment of Christianity. He alone, he believes, provides Christians of all denominations the way to “understanding” how to “save their souls,” which can’t be done, he asserts, unless you have lived “on the margins,” that is to say, “on the streets” with “the poor” as one fights with them against the “social injustice” that keeps them in poverty.

Those who do not understand or accept this must are the real “enemies” of moral truth, Bergoglio believes, people who are destined for eternal perdition because they seek to follow “rules” and believe that by doing so they will please God.

A caricature, you say?

Not at all. This is absolute an absolutely, dead-on characterization of the remarks he made yesterday morning, Monday, March 24, 2014, at the Casa Santa Marta during his Ding Dong School Of Apostasy:

Pope Francis’ homily on Monday found inspiration in these words that Jesus addressed to his fellow citizens in Nazareth: “No prophet is accepted in his hometown”. It was a place where he never worked miracles because “they had no faith”. Jesus recalls two biblical episodes: the miracle of the healing of the leper Naaman, and the meeting of the prophet Elijah with the widow of Serapta who shared her last morsel of food and was saved from famine. “Lepers and widows – Pope Francis explained – in those days were the outcasts of society”. And yet, these two outcasts, welcomed the prophets and were saved, while the people of Nazareth did not accept Jesus because “they felt so strong in their faith”, so sure of their faithful observance of the Commandments, they felt they had no need for other salvation”.

“It is the tragedy of observing the Commandments without faith: ‘I save myself because I go to the Synagogue every Saturday, I try to obey the Commandments, I do not want to hear that the leper or the widow is better than me!’ They are outcasts! And Jesus tells us: ‘if you do not put yourself on the margins, if you don’t feel what it is to be an outcast, you will not obtain salvation’. This is humility, the path of humility: to feel so marginalized that we need the Salvation of the Lord. He alone saves us, not our observance of the law. And they did not like this; they were angry and wanted to kill him”. The Pope observed that this was the same anger initially felt by Naaman, because he felt that Elisha’s invitation to wash himself seven times in the Jordan was ridiculous and humiliating. “The Lord asked him for a gesture of humility, He asked him to obey like a child, to be ridiculous”. Namman turned and went off in a rage, but afterwards his servants convinced him to do what the prophet asked of him. That act of humility healed him. “This is the message for today – the Pope said – in this third week of Lent: if we want to be healed, we must choose the road of humility”.

“In her Canticle Mary does not say she is happy because God was looking to her virginity, to her kindness or to her sweetness – all of them virtues that she possessed – no: because the Lord was looking to her humility, the humility of His servant, her smallness. This is what the Lord looks for. And we must take heed of this wisdom and put ourselves on the margins so that the Lord may find us. He will not find us at the center of our certainties. That is not where the Lord looks. He will find us on the margins, in our sins, in our mistakes, in our need for spiritual healing, for salvation; that is where the Lord will find us”. “This – Pope Francis highlighted – is the path of humility”:

“Christian humility is not within the virtue of saying: ‘I am not important’ and hiding our pride. No, Christian humility is telling the truth: ‘I am a sinner’. Tell the truth: this is our truth. But there is another truth: God saves us. He saves us when we are on the margins; He does not save us in our certainties. Let us ask for the grace of having the wisdom to put ourselves on the margins, for the grace of humility so that we may receive the Lord’s Salvation”.  (Apostate: Humility is the path to salvation.)

“He does not save us in our certainties.”

“And we must take heed of this wisdom and put ourselves on the margins so that the Lord may find us. He will not find us at the center of our certainties. That is not where the Lord looks. He will find us on the margins, in our sins, in our mistakes, in our need for spiritual healing, for salvation; that is where the Lord will find us”.

How is this not exactly what Martin Luther said when he wrote: “Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly…. as long as we are here [in this world] we have to sin…. No sin will separate us from the Lamb, even though we commit fornication and murder a thousand times a day.” ( Let Your Sins Be Strong: A Letter from Martin Luther to Philip Melancthon. number 99, August 1, 1521.)

Bergoglio believes in exactly the opposite of what Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself taught:

Be you therefore perfect, as also your heavenly Father is perfect. (Matthew 5: 48.)

No, for Bergoglio, of course, who lives in an alternative universe that is way, way beyond the Brave New World of Aldous Huxley, it is those who obey the Ten Commandments and strive for the heights of personal sanctity, those who believe that they know with certainty what Holy Mother Church teaches who are the ones who are imperiling their immortal souls as they do not permit themselves to go to the “existential margins” of human existence.

This constant effort to equate the Pharisees of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s time to faithful Catholics of today is relentless. It is obsessive. It is sick. It is sickening.

Bergoglio goes so far as to put words on the Divine Redeemer’s holy lips:

And Jesus tells us: ‘if you do not put yourself on the margins, if you don’t feel what it is to be an outcast, you will not obtain salvation’. This is humility, the path of humility: to feel so marginalized that we need the Salvation of the Lord. He alone saves us, not our observance of the law. And they did not like this; they were angry and wanted to kill him”.”



Perhaps Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who has not said a word in condemnation of the French Parliament’s passage of a “gay marriage” law last year and who has said not a word in condemnation of the Belgian Parliament’s approval of child-killing for children under the age of eighteen who fall into various categories, might consider it “unjust” and, quite indeed, just plain “judgmental” to condemn authorities of hospitals in the United Kingdom who have routinely incinerated the remains of babies killed by surgical abortion in order to provide energy to operate their institutions of murder and mayhem because, after all, these authorities “live on the margins” by providing “necessary” health care to “the poor.”

Here is a report from the Daily Telegraph of the United Kingdom that causes one to ask the following question: Why did England go to war against Nazi Germany?:

The bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated as clinical waste, with some even used to heat hospitals, an investigation has found.

Ten NHS trusts have admitted burning foetal remains alongside other rubbish while two others used the bodies in ‘waste-to-energy’ plants which generate power for heat.
Last night the Department of Health issued an instant ban on the practice which health minister Dr Dan Poulter branded ‘totally unacceptable.’
At least 15,500 foetal remains were incinerated by 27 NHS trusts over the last two years alone, Channel 4’s Dispatches discovered.
The programme, which will air tonight, found that parents who lose children in early pregnancy were often treated without compassion and were not consulted about what they wanted to happen to the remains.

One of the country’s leading hospitals, Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge, incinerated 797 babies below 13 weeks gestation at their own ‘waste to energy’ plant. The mothers were told the remains had been ‘cremated.’

Another ‘waste to energy’ facility at Ipswich Hospital, operated by a private contractor, incinerated 1,101 foetal remains between 2011 and 2013.

They were brought in from another hospital before being burned, generating energy for the hospital site. Ipswich Hospital itself disposes of remains by cremation.

“This practice is totally unacceptable,” said Dr Poulter.

“While the vast majority of hospitals are acting in the appropriate way, that must be the case for all hospitals and the Human Tissue Authority has now been asked to ensure that it acts on this issue without delay.”

Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director, has written to all NHS trusts to tell them the practice must stop.

The Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, has also written to the Human Tissue Authority to ask them make sure that guidance is clear.

And the Care Quality Commission said it would investigate the programme’s findings.

Prof Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals, said: “I am disappointed trusts may not be informing or consulting women and their families.

This breaches our standard on respecting and involving people who use services and I’m keen for Dispatches to share their evidence with us.

We scrutinise information of concern and can inspect unannounced, if required.”

A total of one in seven pregnancies ends in a miscarriage, while NHS figures show there are around 4,000 stillbirths each year in the UK, or 11 each day.

Ipswich Hospital Trust said it was concerned to discover that foetal remains from another hospital had been incinerated on its site.

A spokeswoman said: “The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust does not incinerate foetal remains.”

She added that the trust “takes great care over foetal remains”

A spokesman for the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said that trained health professionals discuss the options with parents ‘both verbally and in writing.’

“The parents are given exactly the same choice on the disposal of foetal remains as for a stillborn child and their personal wishes are respected,” they added.  (ABORTED BABIES INCINERATED TO HEAT HOSPITALS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM.)

How can God’s just chastisement not be far behind?

“Human Tissue Authority”?

This is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Upon what moral “high ground” can any Western nation, including the United States of America, stand to condemn the actions of the likes of Adolf Hitler in the past or any of the alleged “bad guys” of the present who are supposed to inhabit “other countries”

Don’t kid yourselves: such things are happening right here in the United States of America, the supposed “land of the free” and the “home of the brave.”

Millions of butchered preborn babies have been thrown out with the refuse or simply burned as so much garbage right here in the supposedly “civilized” United States of America.

Yet it is that many killing centers, including hospitals, here in the United States of America and the supposedly “free world” champion themselves as the “lovers of the poor” and the “downtrodden,” to whom their authorities  dispense chemicals, pills and devices to kill preborn babies or to prevent them from being conceived. This is “charitable,” hospital administrators believe, as it helps to “limit” the number of mouths that “the poor” have to feed and permits them to more time and money with which to “enjoy” themselves.

Thus it is that Thursday’s upcoming meeting between Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a proponent of “universal health care” and “income equality,” and Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro, a proponent of “universal health care” and “income equality,” will be nothing other than an unabashed love-fest of two-like minded pagan statists.


Yes, pagan.


Well, Jorge Mario Bergoglio projects onto Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His Sacred Deposit of Faith his own twisted, demented beliefs as he, the “humble” one, wraps himself up in a mantle of righteous indignation against the modern “Pharisees,” meaning, of course, faithful Catholics. The observance binding precepts of the Divine Positive Law and the Natural Law. What matters is a false concept of “mercy” and “love” that is the sure path to personal and social ruin in the objective order of things.

Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro projects his own beliefs about “justice” and “love” and “equality” upon the Gospel of Our Lord in order to make himself look righteous in the eyes of the world. To Obama/Soetoro, of course, what matters is having the “experience” and the “compassion” necessary to “move the country” in the direction of “true justice.” He believes that any kind of “observance” of the text of the Constitution of the United States of America is an impediment to the pursuit of a “better,” “more just” world.

Although there might be some private discussion of “bioethical issues,” as Vatican spin meister “Father” Federico Lombardi, S.J., is wont to say in his own “newspeak” of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley combined, in two days, the two will embrace each other warmly.

Incinerated babies used to generate energy for the very killing centers in which they had been executed?

Hundreds of Kermit Gosnells running loose under the cover of the civil law in the United States of America and elsewhere in the “civilized” world.

The advance of the sin of Sodom at a rate that eclipses anything yet seen in the history of the world?

The killing of children up to eighteen years of age in some “limited” circumstances?

The proliferation of immodesty and indecency throughout the world, exemplified so clearly by the “performance” of Suor Cristina recently? (See In Search of Roncalli’s “Miracle”.)

None of that matters in the brave new worlds where Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro live.

Alas, our true popes have warned us of these times:

This shameful font of indifferentism gives rise to that absurd and erroneous proposition which claims that liberty of conscience must be maintained for everyone. It spreads ruin in sacred and civil affairs, though some repeat over and over again with the greatest impudence that some advantage accrues to religion from it. “But the death of the soul is worse than freedom of error,” as Augustine was wont to say. When all restraints are removed by which men are kept on the narrow path of truth, their nature, which is already inclined to evil, propels them to ruin. Then truly “the bottomless pit” is open from which John saw smoke ascending which obscured the sun, and out of which locusts flew forth to devastate the earth. Thence comes transformation of minds, corruption of youths, contempt of sacred things and holy laws — in other words, a pestilence more deadly to the state than any other. Experience shows, even from earliest times, that cities renowned for wealth, dominion, and glory perished as a result of this single evil, namely immoderate freedom of opinion, license of free speech, and desire for novelty.

Here We must include that harmful and never sufficiently denounced freedom to publish any writings whatever and disseminate them to the people, which some dare to demand and promote with so great a clamor. We are horrified to see what monstrous doctrines and prodigious errors are disseminated far and wide in countless books, pamphlets, and other writings which, though small in weight, are very great in malice. We are in tears at the abuse which proceeds from them over the face of the earth. Some are so carried away that they contentiously assert that the flock of errors arising from them is sufficiently compensated by the publication of some book which defends religion and truth. Every law condemns deliberately doing evil simply because there is some hope that good may result. Is there any sane man who would say poison ought to be distributed, sold publicly, stored, and even drunk because some antidote is available and those who use it may be snatched from death again and again? (Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832.)

And, since where religion has been removed from civil society, and the doctrine and authority of divine revelation repudiated, the genuine notion itself of justice and human right is darkened and lost, and the place of true justice and legitimate right is supplied by material force, thence it appears why it is that some, utterly neglecting and disregarding the surest principles of sound reason, dare to proclaim that “the people’s will, manifested by what is called public opinion or in some other way, constitutes a supreme law, free from all divine and human control; and that in the political order accomplished facts, from the very circumstance that they are accomplished, have the force of right.” But who, does not see and clearly perceive that human society, when set loose from the bonds of religion and true justice, can have, in truth, no other end than the purpose of obtaining and amassing wealth, and that (society under such circumstances) follows no other law in its actions, except the unchastened desire of ministering to its own pleasure and interests? (Pope Pius IX, Quanta Cura, December 8, 1864.)

The sovereignty of the people, however, and this without any reference to God, is held to reside in the multitude; which is doubtless a doctrine exceedingly well calculated to flatter and to inflame many passions, but which lacks all reasonable proof, and all power of insuring public safety and preserving order. Indeed, from the prevalence of this teaching, things have come to such a pass that may hold as an axiom of civil jurisprudence that seditions may be rightfully fostered. For the opinion prevails that princes are nothing more than delegates chosen to carry out the will of the people; whence it necessarily follows that all things are as changeable as the will of the people, so that risk of public disturbance is ever hanging over our heads.

To hold, therefore, that there is no difference in matters of religion between forms that are unlike each other, and even contrary to each other, most clearly leads in the end to the rejection of all religion in both theory and practice. And this is the same thing as atheism, however it may differ from it in name. Men who really believe in the existence of God must, in order to be consistent with themselves and to avoid absurd conclusions, understand that differing modes of divine worship involving dissimilarity and conflict even on most important points cannot all be equally probable, equally good, and equally acceptable to God.

“So, too, the liberty of thinking, and of publishing, whatsoever each one likes, without any hindrance, is not in itself an advantage over which society can wisely rejoice. On the contrary, it is the fountain-head and origin of many evils. Liberty is a power perfecting man, and hence should have truth and goodness for its object. But the character of goodness and truth cannot be changed at option. These remain ever one and the same, and are no less unchangeable than nature itself. If the mind assents to false opinions, and the will chooses and follows after what is wrong, neither can attain its native fullness, but both must fall from their native dignity into an abyss of corruption. Whatever, therefore, is opposed to virtue and truth may not rightly be brought temptingly before the eye of man, much less sanctioned by the favor and protection of the law. A well-spent life is the only way to heaven, whither all are bound, and on this account the State is acting against the laws and dictates of nature whenever it permits the license of opinion and of action to lead minds astray from truth and souls away from the practice of virtue. To exclude the Church, founded by God Himself, from the business of life, from the making of laws, from the education of youth, from domestic society is a grave and fatal error. A State from which religion is banished can never be well regulated; and already perhaps more than is desirable is known of the nature and tendency of the so-called civil philosophy of life and morals. The Church of Christ is the true and sole teacher of virtue and guardian of morals. She it is who preserves in their purity the principles from which duties flow, and, by setting forth most urgent reasons for virtuous life, bids us not only to turn away from wicked deeds, but even to curb all movements of the mind that are opposed to reason, even though they be not carried out in action.” (Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei, November 1, 1885.) November 1, 1885.)

Every true and lasting reform has ultimately sprung from the sanctity of men who were driven by the love of God and of men. Generous, ready to stand to attention to any call from God, yet confident in themselves because confident in their vocation, they grew to the size of beacons and reformers.   . No doubt “the Spirit breatheth where he will” (John iii. 8): “of stones He is able to raise men to prepare the way to his designs” (Matt. iii. 9). He chooses the instruments of His will according to His own plans, not those of men. But the Founder of the Church, who breathed her into existence at Pentecost, cannot disown the foundations as He laid them. Whoever is moved by the spirit of God, spontaneously adopts both outwardly and inwardly, the true attitude toward the Church, this sacred fruit from the tree of the cross, this gift from the Spirit of God, bestowed on Pentecost day to an erratic world. (Pope Pius XI, Mit Brennender Sorge, March 17, 1937.)

Yes, we have been warned.

This is  time in which we must do much penance. Much penance.

Today, the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we must remember that the Co-Eternal and Co-Equal God the Son chose to become Incarnate in the Virginal and Immaculate Womb of His Most Blessed Mother by the power of the Third Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, God the Holy Ghost, as a helpless embryo. He is in complete solidarity with every child in every mother’s womb. It is is Divine Will that each child be born and brought to the baptismal font very soon after birth to make it possible for them to enjoy that which is denied the souls of infants who die before being baptized: citizenship in Heaven by having been incorporated as members of His Holy Church Church and persisting in a state of Sanctifying Grace until the moment of their death.

Hundreds of millions have children have, despite the International Theological Commission’s “unofficial” teaching to the contrary, lost the possibility of ever gazing upon the glory of the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost for all eternity in Heaven. This is a tragedy that so few Catholics want to accept, having been assured by the conciliar revolutionaries that “the Church cannot fail to encourage the hope of salvation for infants who die without Baptism by the very fact that she “prays that no one should be lost”, and prays in hope for “all to be saved” (see The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptised, April 21, 2007). And it is this tragedy that is ignored in the brave new world of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and aggressively enabled in the brave new world of Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro.

I can guarantee you that Jorge Mario Bergoglio will not speak as follows to Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro when they meet two days ago:

Those who hold the reins of government should not forget that it is the duty of public authority by appropriate laws and sanctions to defend the lives of the innocent, and this all the more so since those whose lives are endangered and assailed cannot defend themselves. Among whom we must mention in the first place infants hidden in the mother’s womb. And if the public magistrates not only do not defend them, but by their laws and ordinances betray them to death at the hands of doctors or of others, let them remember that God is the Judge and Avenger of innocent blood which cried from earth to Heaven. (Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii, December 31, 1930.)

If it is at all possible, therefore, today is a day on which Catholics should make extra reparation for the sin of abortion, whether by chemical or surgical means. The Incarnation is mocked every time an infant is killed in his mother’s womb. We should seek, if this is at all possible where you live, to spend time before Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in His Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament to pray to Him through His Most Blessed Mother’s Most Holy Rosary in reparation for the sin of willful murder, one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

May it never be our own misfortune to permit ourselves to be drawn into the brave new world of Modernity in the world or of Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

May we seek always to please Christ the King, He Who became Flesh and dwelt amongst us this very day, as His consecrated slave through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, looking not for results as we beg Our Lady for the graces He won for us on Calvary by the shedding of every single drop of His Most Precious Blood that the gates of Heaven will be opened to us after death so that we may enjoy an unending Easter Sunday of glory in Paradise before the Beatific Vision of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost for all eternity.

A blessed Feast of the Annunciation of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to you all!

Vivat Chistus Rex!

Viva Cristo Rey!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.

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