Viscerally Speaking, part two

As was pointed out yesterday in part one of this two-part commentary, we should expect the world to be plunged into the darkness of visceral emotionalism more than would be the case otherwise when the man who is accepted and recognized by most people in the world as a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, speaks in visceral terms as he swats away at imaginary straw men in order to present himself as one who is “liberating” the “people” from restrictive rules and commandments.

The Argentine Apostate is relentless in his demagogic use of visceral rhetoric to denigrate those who, despite their own sins and failings, adhere to everything contained in the Sacred Deposit of Faith without exception and without complaint solely because they love God as He has revealed Himself to us exclusively through His Catholic Church. The false “pontiff” was particularly vicious during the “lesson” he gave during his Ding Dong School Of Apostasy on Friday, May 2, 2014, the Feast of Saint Athanasius:

The Pope’s homily drew from the Gospel of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and the reading from the Acts of the Apostles, in which Christ’s disciples are flogged by the Sanhedrin. Pope Francis proposed three icons: the first is Jesus’ love for people, his attention to peoples’ problems. He said the Lord is not concerned with how many people follow him, he would “never even thinks of taking a census” to see if “the Church has grown … no! He speaks, preaches, loves, accompanies, travels on the path with people, meek and humble”. He speaks with authority, that is, with “the power of love”.

The second icon is the “jealousy” of the religious authorities of the time: “They couldn’t stand the fact that people followed Jesus! They couldn’t stand it! They were jealous. This is a really bad attitude to have. Jealousy and envy, and we know that the father of envy” is “the devil”. It was through his envy that evil came into the world”. Pope Francis continued: “These people knew who Jesus was: they knew! These people were the same who had paid the guard to say that the disciples had stolen Christ’s body!”.

“They had paid to silence the truth. People can be really evil sometimes! Because when we pay to hide the truth, we are [committing] a very great evil. And that’s why people knew who they were. They would not follow them, but they had to tolerate them because they had authority: the authority of the cult, the authority of the ecclesiastical discipline at that time, the authority of the people … and the people followed. Jesus said that they weighed people down with oppressive weights and made them carry them on their shoulders. These people cannot tolerate the meekness of Jesus, they cannot tolerate the meekness of the Gospel, they cannot tolerate love. And they pay out of envy, out of hate”.

During the gathering of the Sanhedrin there is a “wise man”, Gamaliel, who asks the religious leaders to free the apostles. Thus, the Pope insists, there are these first two icons: Jesus who is moved to see people “without a shepherd” and the religious authorities …

“These, with their political maneuvering, with their ecclesiastical maneuvers to continue to dominate the people … And so, they bring forth the apostles, after this wise man had spoken, the called the apostles and had them flogged and ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus. Then they freed them. ‘We have to do something, we will give them a sound hiding and send them on their way! . Unjust! but they did it. They were the masters of conscience [thought police], and felt they had the power to do so. Masters of conscience … Even in today’s world , there are so many”.

Then Pope Francis confessed: “I cried when I saw reports on the news of Christians crucified in a certain country, that is not Christian. Still today – he pointed out – there are these people who kill and persecute, in the name of God. Still today, “we see many who” like the apostles “rejoice that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor in Christ’s name”. This – he said – “is the third icon today. The Joy of witness”.

“First icon: Jesus with people, his love, the path that He has taught us, which we should follow. The second icon: the hypocrisy of these religious leaders of the people, who had people imprisoned with these many commandments, with this cold, hard legality, and who also paid to hide the truth. Third icon: the joy of the Christian martyrs, the joy of so many of our brothers and sisters who have felt this joy in history, this joy that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for Christ’s name. And today there are still so many! Just think that in some countries, you can go to jail for just carrying a Gospel. You may not wear a crucifix or you will be fined. But the heart rejoices. The three icons: let us look at them today. This is part of our history of salvation”. (Argentine Apostate Weeps for Christians Still Crucified.)

This “homily” has several remarkable features to it.

First, Bergoglio’s remarks are meant to conflate the real suffering of Catholics today in various parts of the world, which he is correct to identify and to condemn, with the imagined “suffering” imposed upon followers of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by “religious hypocrites” who “had people imprisoned with these many commandments” and who hold to a  “cold, hard legality.”

By doing this, of course, Bergoglio was attempting to compare the state-sponsored persecution of Catholics and other baptized Christians with the “rigidity” that existed in his mythical “no church” that he outlined almost precisely a year to the day previously. He is the “liberator” who is in “solidarity” with those who suffer from state-sponsored persecution and those who have “suffered” and might still be “suffering” toady at the hands of “religious hypocrites” who consider themselves to be the “masters of conscience.”

Second, Jorge Mario Bergoglio completely ignored the true meaning of the Gospel passage read at the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo service four days ago.

The miracle of the multiplication of the loaves of the fishes as recorded verses one through fifteen of Chapter Six of the Gospel according to Saint John, who is celebrated liturgically today, Tuesday, May 6, 2014, for the time in which he survived the effort to boil him alive at the Latin Gate (which is recounted in the final part of this commentary), was a prelude to Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s Eucharistic Discourse, which is read in the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Order liturgical service on Thursday and Friday of this week, which is called the “Third Week of Easter” in the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

While it is still possible that Begoglio will preach about the Holy Eucharist later this week, it is nevertheless telling that he chose to emphasize Our Lord’s desire to satisfy the hunger of the people without also at least mentioning that he meant to prepare them for His discourse on the Holy Eucharist after they had found him in the synagogue across the Sea of Galilee in Capharnaum. Bergoglio, however, will likely use his screeds on Thursday and Friday of this week to once again compare believing Catholics with the Jews who walked away from Our Lord after He had satiated their whose physical hunger. Every Gospel passage, it would appear, provides him with an opportunity use his visceral demagoguery to denounce believing Catholics.

Third, although I have not suffered through the Easter cycle of weekday liturgies at the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service since 2001, it is my recollection that May 2nd is the Feast of Saint Athanasius on the conciliar calendar as it is in the calendar of the Immemorial Mass of Tradition of the Catholic Church.

Let me check.

Hold on.

Thanks for your patience.

Here’s the answer: It is.

Yes, May 2nd is still what is called an obligatory “memorial” of Saint Athanasius what is purported to be the Roman Rite of the counterfeit church of conciliarism.

Why is this relevant?

Well, this is now the second straight year that the Argentine Apostate has conducted his Ding Dong School of Apostasy at the Casa Santa Marta inside the walls of the Occupied Vatican on the West Bank of the Tiber River without making any reference to the great foe of Arianism, Saint Athanasius. Then again, how can an Arian find anything to praise about Saint Athanasius.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the visceral street fighter and professional ecclesiastical agitator who just loves to “make a mess” of things at the “retail level,” if you will,” for “conservative” “bishops” and presbyters, is a master demagogue as he is the one who is crucifying Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ mystically today by means of his being a serial killer of souls. This unreconstructed Modernist revolutionary loves to tickle the itching ears of Catholics who are unrepentant as their persist in lives of wanton sin while at the same time reaffirming non-Catholics in their false religions, assuring one and all that “doing good” is the only thing required by God to save one’s immortal soul.

Obviously, Jorge Mario Begoglio has accomplices aplenty in his false church of whom is steeped in the viscera of the profanity and vulgarity of the world just as much as he is. Indeed, the entire ethos born as a result of Gaudium et Spes and Dignitatis Humanae, December 7, 1965, and enshrined within the General Instruction to the Roman Missal that governs stagings of the hideous Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service celebrates man, the world and the worldly. 

The so-called “papal” extravaganza liturgies that were designed by “Archbishop” Piero Marini at the specific behest of “Saint John Paul II” were nothing other than celebrations of the decadent, of the profane, of the vulgar and of the “traditions” of paganism or barbarism of peoples whose ancestors had been converted to the true Faith by Catholic missionaries who eradicated all deviltry and false worship from their midst. Rather than serve as a protective shield against the corrupting influence of the world, the ethos of conciliarism and the liturgies which enshrine and express it entices people to be immersed in a world of sin, licentiousness, blasphemy, sacrilege and utter indecency.

Consider the fact that a conciliar pastor in Amsterdam, New York, which is located in the ecclesiastical sewer known as the Diocese of Albany (which was my home diocese when I lived in Albany and then Troy, New York, between December 18, 1973, and June 30, 1976, while pursuing my doctorate at the State University of New York at Albany), has declared that a school attached to his parish, Saint Mary’s Institute, would celebrate “The Year of Lady Gaga.” To quote the late Jack Paar, “I kid you not” (the late Johnny Carson stole this line from his predecessor as the host of The Tonight Show):

Buyer beware those promising a “Catholic education.”

Saint Mary’s Institute is the Catholic grade school in my wife’s New York hometown, Amsterdam. It is affiliated with Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, whose pastor Rev. John Medwid pens the opening to the Saint Mary’s Institute annual newsletter.

“In September at the opening Mass I officially announced that this was going to be the Year of Our Lady at SMI,” the letter began.

How nice. Except that’s not what he wrote. There was someone else he had in mind to honor besides the Virgin Mary.

“In September at the opening Mass I officially announced that this was going to be the Year of Lady Gaga at SMI.”

That’s what he proclaimed. Apparently during mass, too. Why Lady Gaga? Was every other living or dead female or male on planet Earth or anywhere else unavailable? The answer, he explains, is “complex,” which is a euphemism for scandalous.

First, he writes, “many people may not realize that Lady Gaga is the product of Catholic education.” (To which the response would be: so was Hitler.) Her real name, he tells us, is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, as if she were some obscure Italian saint. She is a graduate of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, where — and here we’re getting to the point — “she was someone who followed her own path … It takes a great deal of courage especially for young people to blaze their own trails in life!”

Exactly which trail blazed should Catholic children find commendable?

Was it her attire during the nationally broadcast MTV Video Music Awards last year, watched by millions of children — a thong?

Was it her video earlier this year in which she simulates all manner of sexual activities while bizarrely “resurrecting” from their tombs Michael Jackson, Mahatma Gandhi and — maybe this was it? — Jesus Christ?

Was it her song “Judas” in which she proclaims: “I’m still in love with Judas, baby. Jesus is my virtue,” but “Judas is the demon that I cling to”?

Was it how she constantly promotes gay themes in her music and bashes the military for its treatment of gays? Or maybe she’s a trailblazer of another sort.

Speaking at a gay-left dinner in 2011, President Barack Obama began by joking, “I took a trip out to California last week, where I held some productive bilateral talks with your leader, Lady Gaga.”

Medwid’s second reason for having a Catholic grade school honor Lady Gaga is also vague. It is “to highlight her immense creativity.”

Was Medwid impressed when Lady Gaga said of Pope Benedict XVI, “What the Pope thinks of being gay does not matter to the world”?

Maybe it was the video “Alejandro” he found so immensely creative. In it she dressed in a nun’s habit, swallowed a rosary and engaged in simulated erotic activities with her male backup dancers. As the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue put it, Lady Gaga “has now become the new poster girl for American decadence and Catholic bashing.”

Maybe it was her “Marry the Night” music video in which she depicts herself having an abortion.

Maybe it was the song she deliberately released on Christmas Day, “Stuck on F—-in You” (and no, nothing’s edited in the song).

Maybe it’s other creative talents grade school children can admire. A couple of years ago Lady Gaga released a new fragrance called “Fame.” She referred to the scent as “a very slutty perfume.” She boasted: “It was taken out of my own blood sample, so it’s a sense of having me on your skin. I wanted to extract sort of the feeling and sense of blood and semen … “

Or is it just her mind we should celebrate, as when she stated on an MTV program in 2010: “For me this evening, if we don’t stand up for what we believe in, and if we don’t fight for our rights pretty soon, we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our own bones. And, I’m not a piece of meat.”

That statement by Lady Gaga makes just about as much sense as a supposedly Catholic grade school, bearing the highest of responsibilities – providing a moral education to children — honoring her. (Conciliar School Celebrates Year of Lady Gaga.)

What is shocking about this is story is not the fact that a formerly Catholic school in conciliar captivity has chosen to honor a vile, vulgar, coarse and profane “entertainer” who loves to “celebrate” her sinful life as a “human right.” What is shocking is that Brent Bozell III is shocked by the story.

I mean, doesn’t this professional “conservative” follow the debauchery that passes for liturgical ceremonies in what he thinks is the Catholic Church?

Hasn’t he seen the evidence of “Cardinal” Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s clown liturgies and balloon liturgies in Argentina?

Isn’t he aware of how the “gay agenda” is celebrated in diocese after diocese around the world?

Has he no sense of horror about the evil that is “rock music” in se, no less that this evil has been institutionalized at “papal” liturgies, including the gigantic display of indecency and decadence and liturgical sacrileges that go by the name of “World Youth Day.”

Has he not seen the antics of a “Father” Ray Kelly in Ireland, who sang a naturalistic “love” song after the distribution of what purports to be Holy Communion in the Protestant and Judeo-Masonic Novus Ordo liturgical service during a wedding, which just happened to have taken place right smack in the middle of Lent this year, April 9, 2014?

The video of Fr Ray Kelly’s unique version of the often-covered song was filmed at the weekend and has been watched on YouTube more than 2.7 million times in the space of four days.

The parish priest of Oldcastle, County Meath, told BBC Radio Ulster’s Talkback programme that the couple had no idea what was going to happen.

“Normally local people know I sing at weddings, funerals or when I’m asked, but they didn’t know – the bride Leah is from Dublin and the groom Chris is from Cookstown in County Tyrone,” he said.

“They were having their reception at a hotel about 10 miles away and chose our church.

“We had the rehearsal on Thursday evening and at the end I said, ‘sure maybe I’ll sing an aul song for you myself’ – Leah grinned and said ‘OK sure’ but I don’t think she was taking it too seriously.”

‘Standing ovation’

Fr Kelly changed the original lyrics to be more suitable for a wedding. It begins: “We join together here today, to help two people on their way.”

The video was filmed by a company owned by County Tyrone man Patrick Rushe, who said he was amazed by the reception it has received online.

He said he was just as surprised as anyone in the church when the priest began singing the song.

“The band Sunlight who had been doing the music for the wedding had just finished singing when he put on the backing track, but people were still looking at them as they didn’t know where the music was coming from – they were shaking their heads and saying it wasn’t them.

“At the end of the song he got a standing ovation.

“The couple are on their way to Mexico for their honeymoon but I sent them the link and they know it has been really popular,” he said.

“Chris says it’s madness while Leah says her dad is freaking out, in a good way.”

Fr Kelly is a trained singer who is currently working on his third album.

“I keep saying this will be my last because this year I’m 25 years a priest – I do it to make a few bob for local charities,” he said.

“I enjoy singing but I wouldn’t want to do it full time – I love what I’m doing as a priest.

“The way I look at it is, it’s a gift one has, and if you have a gift you use it.” (Singing Priest’s Hallelujah Wows Wedding Guests”.)

Isn’t Mr. Bozell aware that the Catholic Church, which is not to be confused with the counterfeit church of conciliarism, bans Nuptial Masses during Lent?

Doesn’t Mr. Bozell know that profane music is not be played during what is considered to be the unbloody re-presentation or perpetuation of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice of Himself to His Co-Equal and Co-Eternal God the Father on the wood of the Holy Cross on Good Friday in atonement for our sins?

Sure, the “Year of Lady Gaga” is outrageous. Granted. Stipulated.

Does Mr. Brent Bozell III, however, really believe that the celebration of a supposedly “Catholic”-trained lesbian “entertainer,” who is prone, from what I have read, to give rather unkind gestures now and again, something that I believe she did at the now-defunct William A. Shea Municipal Stadium in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York, at some point in the latter part of the last decade, is going to arouse the ire of the man he believes is “Pope” Francis?

Has “Pope” Francis said one word about “Father” Ray Kelly?

Has “Pope” Francis said one word about Suor Cristina and her own profane, vulgar and indecent celebration of the horrors of “rock music” and a Pelagian ballad of self-redemption called “Heroes,” including a performance shown during Holy Week, of all times, on Italian television?

Jorge Mario Bergoglio loves the profane and the vulgar as his own world revolves around revolutionary precepts grounded in visceral desire to show false “mercy” to “the people” as he “liberates” them from the “religious hypocrites” who use “cold commandments” to imprison and enslave them, thus brewing resentment, he believes, against “religion” and those who practice it.

Yes, so many “conservatives” in the counterfeit church of conciliarism, Mr. Bozell among them, it would appear, are loathe to admit, at least publicly that the ethos of the conciliaism is opposed to Catholicism or that, perhaps more to the point, the current universal public face of apostasy looks very benignly at those who celebrate the “gay lifestyle,” including the conciliar “bishop” of Saltillo, Mexico, Jose Raul Vera Lopez.

Here is a reminder for those of you who may be as much in the dark as Mr. Bozell about “Bishop” Jose Raul Vera Lopez:

Jose Raul Vera Lopez, the conciliar “ordinary” of the Diocese of Saltillo, Mexico, has called those who believe that “gay people” are deranged or deprived are “mentally ill.”

Here is a brief report from Clerical Whispers, which, amazingly enough, defended Jose Raul Vera Lopez’s assertion:

A Mexican Catholic bishop who has been a strong supporter of LGBT issues has declared that homophobia is a “mental illness.” Is that really an accurate classification?

The Billerico Project is reporting on an interview given by Bishop Jose Raul Vera Lopez to a television show, “Terra Mexico,” in which he stated:

“Why would I immediately think a gay or lesbian person is perverse or depraved the moment they approach me? That’s how people who are homophobic react. It’s a mental illness in which you see gays as depraved and promiscuous. You have to be sick in the head for that.”

“They are human beings and deserve respect. The Holy Father knows it’s a. . . .I am certain he knows because the reality is that many in the church do not want to acknowledge the scientific reality on the issue of sexuality. They want to keep homosexuality as a form of human perversion, an illness. But that is no longer the case, scientifically speaking. “

“We just have to read the Bible more carefully within a historical context and within a real context. The Biblical texts we have used to bash the heads of homosexuals to say they are condemned by the Bible? We have to read them much more carefully.” (Mexican Apostate Supports Perversity.)

This is pretty standard fare amongst the officials of the counterfeit church of conciliarism. Chancery office after chancery office around the world is composed of such men as Jose Raul Vera Lopez. Numerous parishes around the world are staffed by priests/presbyters and “pastoral assistants” who speak in the exact same manner as Jose Raul Vera Lopez, O.P, who was installed as a conciliar presbyter by none other than Paul The Sick on June 29, 1975, and was installed as a conciliar “bishop” by a man who protected moral derelicts, none other than “Saint John Paul the Great,” on January 6, 1998.

Jose Raul Vera Lopez, O.P., however, has some special distinctions that qualify him to speak in the way that he did on a Mexican television station.

Randy Engel wrote an article last year that enumerated these distinctions that qualify Jose Raul Vera Lopez, O.P., to speak as he did:

The recent controversy over a Mexican “gay Catholic ministry” called the San Elredo Comunidad or the Lesbian and Gay Community of San Elredo, an official organ of the Diocese of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, headed by Dominican Bishop José Raúl Vera López, O.P., illustrates how well these politically-based and politically motivated Trojan horses serve the Homosexual Collective, as opposed to serving God, the Catholic Church, and the individuals caught up in the vice of sexual perversions who need to be extricated from the Collective.

The San Elredo Community is an “inclusive” ministry which caters to male homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders, transvestites, leather and bondage devotees, sadomasochists, and a sundry of other “sexual orientations.” It was founded in 2002 by former New York publicist, Robert F. Coogan, who was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Saltillo by Bishop Vera López.

Somewhere between his birth on June 21, 1945, in the city of Acámbaro in the southeastern corner of the Mexican state of Guanajuato, and his ordination to the priesthood in Rome by Pope Paul VI and his being awarded a series of bishoprics from 1987 to 1999 by Pope John Paul II, Bishop Vera López must have found the clerical goose that laid the golden egg. His ascent up the hierarchical career ladder appears to have been rapid and seamless.

Three years after his installation in Saltillo, the Dominican political activist bishop formally took up the cause of “Gay Liberation.” His growing reputation as a pro-homosexual apologist, earned him a speaker’s spot at the 15th Anniversary National Association Of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian And Gay Ministries (renamed the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry) held in Long Beach, California in 2008, and an invitation by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to appear on a panel titled “Gay and Lesbian Catholics: Church Teaching and Pastoral Approaches” at one of Cardinal Roger Mahony’s notorious Religious Education gigs in March 2010.

Bishop Vera López has been an open promoter of “civil unions” legislation and extended legal benefits for homosexuals in the State of Coahuila, but has “drawn the line” at homosexual “marriages.” He is a vehement opponent of “homophobia” which he states needs to be erased from peoples’ hearts. He believes that “gays” are victims of discrimination and societal marginalization.

The Dominican prelate backs the pro-homosexual functions and projects of the San Elredo Comunidad including its participation in “Gay Pride” celebrations, and has welcomed to his diocese homosexual activists like British ex-Dominican James Alison.

According to Alison, who makes his regular rounds to Catholic “gay parishes” in the United States including Most Holy Redeemer in the Castro District of San Francisco, “Church authority has become aware that the advent of ‘matters gay’ in recent years may not primarily center on sexual ethics at all. Rather, it concerns an emerging anthropological truth about a regular, normal and non-pathological variant within the human condition.

San Elredo’s founder and main man, Fr. Robert Coogan, is a native of Long Island, N.Y. and is one of 14 children. His brother is also a pastor (who told the press that large family living was a “a way to learn tolerance and appreciation of diversity….”) [3]

In the meantime, Fr. Coogan is busy teaching tolerance and acceptance of sodomy and other forms of same-sex perversions and proselytizing Mexican Catholics in the Saltillo Diocese on the virtues of “diversity” and what a “blessing” homosexuals are for the world. “The world could not exist without homosexuals,” he says. [4] Coogan believes that God makes homosexuals, and therefore, they cannot be held responsible for their inordinate and sinful attractions and acts.

Coogan, who is one of three “spirit guides” assigned by Bishop Vera López to the group, is assisted in his “ministry” by Marco Antonio Mata, who intends to register himself and his partner under Coahuila’s new civil unions law, and Special Events Coordinator, Fernando Hernández, who supports the view that homosexuals are just following their nature so there is no harm in acting out. [5]

Noé Ruiz Malacara, who coordinates the group’s events with the Saltillo Diocese is a self-outed homosexual and an unemployed elementary school teacher in the state capital. He admits there is opposition from many traditional Mexicans, but adds that the population is gradually being softened up to accept sexual perversions as normal behavior. Sodomy is no problem, says Ruiz, as long as the couple is truly in love. He affirms that the group’s “spirit guides” encourage “stable” homosexual relations over promiscuous one-night affairs, and “safe sex.” [6]

The San Elredo Community is (mis)named after the great 12th Cistercian monk and abbot Aelred de Rievaulx, who along with Saint Sebastian and Saint John the Evangelist, vie for honors as the patron “saints” of the Homosexual Collective. [7]

While Coogan says the purpose of his “ministry” is to foster a deep love of God in the hearts of men and women given over to a wide-variety of sexual perversions, in truth, the San Elredo Community, aided and abetted by Bishop Vera López, simply confirms these poor souls in their sin.

The forty or so members of the San Elredo Community, mostly males in their late teens and early twenties, promote and participate in all things “gay” including “Gay Pride” events. In March 25-27, 2011, the diocesan-sponsored group held a “sexual, family and religious diversity forum” designed to promote homosexual acts and homosexual relationships in a more positive light. The bishop was present to say a mass for the gathering. [8]

On Good Friday, for the last four years, the San Elredo Community has held a “homosexual” Way of the Cross where homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, transgenders, transvestites, leather and bondage tribes, sadomasochists, and almost certainly pederasts, clerical and lay, reinterpret the Scriptural Viacrusis to reflect the Homosexual Collective’s psychic masochistic litany of “injustice collecting” including the suffering, rejection, and discrimination caused by “homophobia.” [9]

One can learn a great deal about the pro-homosexual biases of Bishop Vera López and that of the leadership of the San Elredo Community by their language. They all speak “gayspeak.” In any war, words are weapons, and the bishop and his accomplices are using “gayspeak” to make war on the Catholic faithful in state of Coahuila and beyond.

For example, the bishop’s use of the word “gay” as opposed to the word “homosexual” or “sodomite” is a validation and advancement of the “Gay International.” In The Politics of Homosexuality, Toby Marotta explains the origins of each of the words found in the slogan “Gay Liberation Front”:

Simply by settling on a name, the radicals who met at Alternate U acknowledged that any persisting collectivity had to have an identity. Gay Liberation Front — each word in that name was selected with organizational as well as political considerations in mind. Unlike homosexual, the clinical term bestowed by heterosexuals and homophiles, the euphemism coined by cautious political forerunners, gay, which homosexuals called each other, was thought to be the word that would most appeal to homosexuals who were thirsting to be known as they knew themselves. Hence also liberation, intended to suggest freedom from constraint. Front implied a militant vanguard or coalition; it suggested that the GLF was the crest of a swelling wave destined to force people to recognize and respect the openly gay population.

Bishop Vera López publicly employs the gayspeak rhetoric of “homophobia,” a term linked to the Collective’s efforts to pass itself off as a “sexually repressed minority” in need of reclaiming its civil and religious “rights.”

Gayspeak is a defensive mechanism which insulates the homosexual in his fantasy world, affirms his perpetual adolescence and reinforces his perversion. It is a language that should be anathema to any Catholic prelate with a true interest in the spiritual welfare of all his flock including those unfortunate enough to be caught up in the damnable vice of sodomy and pederasty.

The very fact that so-called “gay ministries” exist today in the Catholic Church in almost every major diocese in the world is a testimony to the ability of heretofore sexual outlaws to successfully organize, politicize and legitimatize sexually deviant behavior even within traditional enemy camps.

Of all society’s institutions, none is as important to the Homosexual Collective as organized religion, especially the Catholic Church. Religion is the supreme arbitrator and validator of human behavior. The secular State declares what acts are legal, but only the Church can declare which acts are moral and which are sinful. Hence, the Collective’s preoccupation with infiltrating, colonizing, and subverting the Church using the same strategies that have proven effective in the penetration of secular institutions in order to bring it under the Collective’s sphere of influence.

Clearly, under the leadership of Bishop Vera López, the Diocese of Saltillo in Coahuila has become the beachhead, the first secured area for political advancement of the “Gay Liberation Front” in Mexico.

The strategies of the Homosexual Collective in the Saltillo Diocese

The organizational and political strategies which have been followed by the San Elredo Comunidad in the Diocese of Saltillo are constructed on a refinement of Hegelian and Marxist-Leninist theories and practices. Every action is first and foremost viewed through a political prism, not a religious one. Thus far, the group appears to have successfully concealed its ultimate goals from the general public. It has also managed to control the language of public discourse. It has secured financial, personnel and material aid from both from the Diocese of Saltillo and other public sources. And it has secured control of the mass media including the liberal Catholic press both in Coahuila and the United States.

Bishop Vera López, by his words and his deeds has already “sanctified,” or at least appeared to sanctify (which is just as useful) same-sex behavior and practices. Under his leadership, the group has been free to proselytize new homosexual recruits from the Catholic churches and community of Saltillo, as well as cull the diocese’s Catholic population for non-homosexual fellow travelers and enlist volunteers to serve its interests. (Jose Raul Vera Lopez and “Gayspeak”.

Perhaps “conservatives” in the conciliar structures who are upset about the “Year of Lady Gaga” might want to ask themselves the following question: How can a man such as Jose Raul Vera Lopez, who caricatured those who condemn homosexual attraction as disordered and who condemn the sin of Sodom and its sick culture as perverted, remain as the conciliar “bishop” of Saltillo, Mexico. Can it be that Jorge Mario “Who am I to judge?” Bergoglio has no problem with his being there.

Moreover, as has been noted on this site endlessly, there is no such thing as a “gay” person. A believing Catholic does not base his self-identification as a human being upon being attracted to the commission of certain sins, no less those that cry out to Heaven for vengeance. Yet it is that Bergoglio himself uses “gayspeak.”

While poor “Father” John Medwid is certainly wrong and has subject himself to justifiable criticism, he is only a product of what the then Joseph “Cardinal” Ratzinger wrote in Principles of Catholic Theology in 1982 as the conciliar church’s “official reconciliation with the new era inaugurated in 1789” (p. 382). And Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Ratzinger’s successor as the head of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, is merely giving the “children” under his command complete license to act as they want in order to “reach” the people with visceral displays of “affection” and “understanding” that have been condemned by time immemorial by Holy Mother Church, including by Pope Saint Pius X in Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910.

When all is said and done, however, “Father” Ray Kelly and “Suor” Cristina and “Father” John Medvid and his “Year of Lady Gaga” are merely manifestations, no matter how offensive to Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and to the souls He redeemed by the shedding of every single drop of His Most Precious Blood on the wood of the Holy Cross, of the rotten fruit of a false religion.

For far, far more dangerous to the honor and glory of the Most Blessed Trinity and the eternal and temporal good of souls than are these manifestations of conciliarism, the true menace to souls in the world today is the man who permitted two Argentine “lesbians” to have a child baptized in Argentine cathedral and who gives encouragement to Catholics worldwide to “break the rules” as he engages in “unofficial” counseling that supposedly binds no one but winds up influencing everyone, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

Yes, a man who can deny Catholic teaching in an “official” document is far, far more perilous to souls than the likes of Ray Kelly, “Suor” Cristina or John Medwid.

Perhaps “conservatives” might like to see a contrast between Jorge Mario Bergoglo’s false teaching and the true teaching of the Catholic Church:

247. We hold the Jewish people in special regard because their covenant with God has never been revoked, for “the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable” (Rom 11:29). The Church, which shares with Jews an important part of the sacred Scriptures, looks upon the people of the covenant and their faith as one of the sacred roots of her own Christian identity (cf. Rom 11:16-18). As Christians, we cannot consider Judaism as a foreign religion; nor do we include the Jews among those called to turn from idols and to serve the true God (cf. 1 Thes 1:9). With them, we believe in the one God who acts in history, and with them we accept his revealed word.

248. Dialogue and friendship with the children of Israel are part of the life of Jesus’ disciples. The friendship which has grown between us makes us bitterly and sincerely regret the terrible persecutions which they have endured, and continue to endure, especially those that have involved Christians.

249. God continues to work among the people of the Old Covenant and to bring forth treasures of wisdom which flow from their encounter with his word. For this reason, the Church also is enriched when she receives the values of Judaism. While it is true that certain Christian beliefs are unacceptable to Judaism, and that the Church cannot refrain from proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Messiah, there exists as well a rich complementarity which allows us to read the texts of the Hebrew Scriptures together and to help one another to mine the riches of God’s word. We can also share many ethical convictions and a common concern for justice and the development of peoples. (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Evangelii Gaudium, November 26, 2013.)

28.That He completed His work on the gibbet of the Cross is the unanimous teaching of the holy Fathers who assert that the Church was born from the side of our Savior on the Cross like a new Eve, mother of all the living. [28] “And it is now,” says the great St. Ambrose, speaking of the pierced side of Christ, “that it is built, it is now that it is formed, it is now that is …. molded, it is now that it is created . . . Now it is that arises a spiritual house, a holy priesthood.” [29] One who reverently examines this venerable teaching will easily discover the reasons on which it is based.

29.And first of all, by the death of our Redeemer, the New Testament took the place of the Old Law which had been abolished; then the Law of Christ together with its mysteries, enactments, institutions, and sacred rites was ratified for the whole world in the blood of Jesus Christ. For, while our Divine Savior was preaching in a restricted area — He was not sent but to the sheep that were lost of the house of Israel [30] -the Law and the Gospel were together in force; [31] but on the gibbet of his death Jesus made void the Law with its decrees, [32] fastened the handwriting of the Old Testament to the Cross, [33] establishing the New Testament in His blood shed for the whole human race. [34] “To such an extent, then,” says St. Leo the Great, speaking of the Cross of our Lord, “was there effected a transfer from the Law to the Gospel, from the Synagogue to the Church, from many sacrifices to one Victim, that, as our Lord expired, that mystical veil which shut off the innermost part of the temple and its sacred secret was rent violently from top to bottom.” [35]

30. On the Cross then the Old Law died, soon to be buried and to be a bearer of death, [36] in order to give way to the New Testament of which Christ had chosen the Apostles as qualified ministers; [37] and although He had been constituted the Head of the whole human family in the womb of the Blessed Virgin, it is by the power of the Cross that our Savior exercises fully the office itself of Head in His Church. “For it was through His triumph on the Cross,” according to the teaching of the Angelic and Common Doctor, “that He won power and dominion over the gentiles”; [38] by that same victory He increased the immense treasure of graces, which, as He reigns in glory in heaven, He lavishes continually on His mortal members it was by His blood shed on the Cross that God’s anger was averted and that all the heavenly gifts, especially the spiritual graces of the New and Eternal Testament, could then flow from the fountains of our Savior for the salvation of men, of the faithful above all; it was on the tree of the Cross, finally, that He entered into possession of His Church, that is, of all the members of His Mystical Body; for they would not have been united to this Mystical Body. (Pope Pius XII, Mystici Corporis, June 29, 1943.)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the chief practitioner of doctrinal obscenity and liturgical profanation, justified by his having almost daily recourse to the most vile, reprehensible forms of demagogic viscera that began to manifest themselves in earnest, especially among the Jesuits, in the 1970s.

Lest any “conservative” attempt to “save” Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s nonexistent doctrinal “orthodoxy” by pointing out selected statements that appear to be consonant with Catholic teaching, one must adhere to the totality of the Holy Faith without exception:

With reference to its object, faith cannot be greater for some truths than for others. Nor can it be less with regard to the number of truths to be believed. For we must all believe the very same thing, both as to the object of faith as well as to the number of truths. All are equal in this, because everyone must believe all the truths of faith–both those which God Himself has directly revealed, as well as those he has revealed through His Church. Thus, I must believe as much as you and you as much as I, and all other Christians similarly. He who does not believe all these mysteries is not Catholic and therefore will never enter Paradise. (Saint Francis de Sales, The Sermons of Saint Francis de Sales for Lent Given in 1622, republished by TAN Books and Publishers for the Visitation Monastery of Frederick, Maryland, in 1987, pp. 34-37.)

The Church, founded on these principles and mindful of her office, has done nothing with greater zeal and endeavour than she has displayed in guarding the integrity of the faith. Hence she regarded as rebels and expelled from the ranks of her children all who held beliefs on any point of doctrine different from her own. The Arians, the Montanists, the Novatians, the Quartodecimans, the Eutychians, did not certainly reject all Catholic doctrine: they abandoned only a certain portion of it. Still who does not know that they were declared heretics and banished from the bosom of the Church? In like manner were condemned all authors of heretical tenets who followed them in subsequent ages. “There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition” (Auctor Tract. de Fide Orthodoxa contra Arianos).

The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium. Epiphanius, Augustine, Theodore :, drew up a long list of the heresies of their times. St. Augustine notes that other heresies may spring up, to a single one of which, should any one give his assent, he is by the very fact cut off from Catholic unity. “No one who merely disbelieves in all (these heresies) can for that reason regard himself as a Catholic or call himself one. For there may be or may arise some other heresies, which are not set out in this work of ours, and, if any one holds to one single one of these he is not a Catholic” (S. Augustinus, De Haeresibus, n. 88). (Pope Leo XIII, Satis Cognitum, June 29, 1896.)

“Close enough” is not “good enough” to be a member of the Catholic Church in good standing, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, true to the false precepts of the false church that he heads, has shown himself to be an enemy of Christ the King, Whose very Social Kingship he rejects as an anachronism, and thus of the souls for Whom Our King became Man in Our Lady’s Virginal and Immaculate Womb to redeem.

Today is the Feast of Saint John the Evangelist before the Latin Gate. Although it was not God’s will for the only bishop who remained faithful to Him during His Passion and Death to die a martyr’s death, Saint John the Evangelist was willing to do so as he was plunged into a cauldron of boiling oil at the site of the future Roman archbasilica built in his honor, the Basilica of San Giovanni di Laterano, which is the cathedral of a true pope in his capacity as the Bishop of Rome. Saint John the Evangelist, by then an old man during the reign of Emperor Domitian, emerged from the cauldron of boiling oil stronger than when he had been placed into it, convincing Domitian to send him into exile on the Island of Patmos.

We must be willing to die a martyr’s death, if only the white or the dry martyrdom of humiliation, to defend the Faith. And to this end, of course, we must call upon the help of the Queen of Martyrs, Our Lady, especially by means of using the spiritual weapon that is her Most Holy Rosary to keep us close to her as we are clothed in the garment of her Brown Scapular and adorned with her Miraculous Medal. The graces which she sends us daily from the Treasury of Grace won for us by her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, are sufficient helps to remain strong in the Catholic Faith, not the false religion of conciliarism, until the end. Never doubt that this is so. Never.

The final victory belongs to Our Lady’s Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart as she manifests a true restoration when a true pope consecrates Russia with all of the bishops of the world to her in fulfillment of Our Lady’s Fatima Message.

It is important therefore to give all of the penances and sufferings and humiliations of this present life through that same Immaculate Heart to the Most Sacred Heart of her Divine Son, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Vivat Chistus Rex!

Viva Cristo Rey!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.

Saint John the Evangelist, pray for us.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, pray for us.

Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us.

Saints Joachim and Anne, pray for us.

Saints Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar, pray for us.



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