May 7, 2014, Articles

May 7, 2014, Solemnity of Saint Joseph in Paschaltide and the Commemoration of Saint Stanislaus:

The Rubicon Was Crossed Fifty Years Ago, part one, reviews a number of developments, starting with Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s continued heretical and blasphemous screeds at the Casa Santa Marta. This egregious apostate dared to say the following yesterday, Tuesday, May 6, 2014, the Feast of Saint John the Evangelist Before the Latin Gate:

We are not a ‘religion’ of ideas, of pure theology, beautiful things, of commandments. (Church is not just a school of religion.)

Yet it is that, barring an end to this chastisement from a direct intervention from God Himself, such ramblings will qualify Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be “beatified” and “canonized” almost immediately after his death, After all, it’s halo-free-for-all time in the “saint”-making factory of conciliarism. Soon it will be Giovanni Montini’s time to become “Blessed” Paul The Sick.

Don’t expect part two of this commentary until Friday. The pace of one late night after another just cannot be sustained this week. Thank you in advance for your patience.

A revised reflection, Why Live in Fear With Saint Joseph So Near?, is also being posted today on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph in Paschaltide.

Saint Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church and Protector of the Faithful, pray for us.

Saint Stansilaus, pray for us.