June 9, 2014, Article and Afternoon Update

June 9, 2014, Pentecost Monday:

Today’s article, Antichrist Has Shown Us His Calling Card? Do You Care?, was posted in the overnight hours. So was yesterday’s article, Antichrist and His Anti-Pentecost, although an introductory page had been prepared for publication before it sort of went “poof” and was nowhere to be found.

At this time, ladies and gentlemen, I really don’t know what more can be written about the state of apostasy and betrayal in which we find ourselves. Antichrist has indeed shown us his calling card. So few people seem to take him seriously.

While one can rend his garments and gnash his teeth at the fact that so few people, including our own relatives and former friends and acquaintances, want to see the state of apostasy and betrayal for what it is, this will not help any of us save his immortal soul.

Although several more articles will be written in the next week to ten days, my time is better used now to put volume one of Conversion in Reverse: How the Ethos of Americanism Converted Catholics and Contributed to the Rise of Conciliarism into a print-on-demand format and to complete the writing of volumes two and three. Efforts also will be made to put selected articles from the original Christ or Chaos and this newer site into print-on-demand anthology formats, thus making material accessible on a permanent basis for readers rather than having to use a a search engine to look up various articles.

Writing for this site, which is supported by the non-tax-deductible gifts of only twelve people at this time, will continue as events warrant. However, I simply see no need to beat the dead horse that is conciliarism or to let Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s daily rantings at Casa Santa Marta interfere with other work.

In the event you have missed the other articles for this month of June, here is a quick listing of them of them for you:

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Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saints Primus and Felician, pray for us.

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