July 5, 2014, Evening Hacker Update

July 5, 2014, Feast of Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria within the Octave of Saints and Paul:

Word reached me this afternoon from the owner of the company that hosts this website that it was available for public viewing once again. I do not know how long this will last as someone is really determined to attack this site. Although it would be most imprudent to identify the likely culprit, suffice it to say that there are some who are opposed to sedevacantism who believe that all evidence in its support should be eradicated from public viewing.

This is all within the Providence of God. As noted two days ago now, a time frame that seems like an eternity to me as I have been unable to access this site myself in order to complete the article on the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States of America that were rendered five days ago now, everything that happens to us occurs within the Providence of God. Each situation unfolds as God has known from all eternity that it would.

It is always important to keep uppermost in our minds, which must be conformed to the mind of the Divine Redeemer, that nothing anyone does to us, says about us, thinks about us or causes us to suffer is the equal of what one of our least Venial Sins caused Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to suffer in His Sacred Humanity during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross as those Swords of Sorrow were plunged through and through Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. He forgave us and made excuses for us as He hung on the gibbet of the Holy Cross. It is thus that each of us must forgive others even when we have suffered from an injustice, whether real or perceived. The Pater Noster teaches us that we must forgive others as we are forgiven by God Himself.

Writing in In The Likeness of Christ, Father Edward Leen, S.J., wrote some words that should sober us up every time we think “we have it bad” or feel any kind of resentment, hatred or bitterness over that which has happened to us:

Under the reign of Satan men were hard and unfeeling, without pity or tenderness. The one thing they looked up to was the physical power to dominate, and the one thing they feared was the helplessness of poverty. Their life was divided between pleasure and cruelty. Pride and haughtiness instead of being regarded as defects were regarded as manly virtues. Weakness was almost synonymous with vice, and all this tended to fashion hearts imperverious to the grace of God and to every human feeling. Conversion of heart was for them extremely difficult. What God required on the part of man as a necessary condition of their friendship with Him was to them abhorrent, for the practice of the Christian virtues of submission, humility, and patience would be regarded by them as degrading. They had to learn that what was not degrading to God–since nothing could degrade Him in reality–could not be degrading to them. Turning to God postulated on their part not only a change of heart, but also a change of mentality. Their human values were almost all wrong. In the terse words of St. Ignatius describing the pagan world” “They smite, they slay and they go down to Hell“.

In other words, it is the law of things as they actually are that we must continually suffer from others; it is the condition of our being that we shall be the victims of others’ abuse of their free wills; it belongs to our position that our desires and inclinations should be continually thwarted and that we should be at the mercy of circumstances. And it is our duty to bear that without resentment and without rebellion. To rebel is to assert practically that such things are not our due, that they do not belong to our position. It is to refuse to recognize that we are fallen members of a fallen race. The moment we feel resentment at anything painful that happens to us through the activity of men or things, at that moment we are resentful against God’s Providence.

We are in this really protesting against His eternal determination to create free beings; for these sufferings which we endure are a consequence of the carrying into effect of that free determination. If we expect or look for a mode of existence in which we shall not endure harshness, unkindness, misunderstanding, and injustice, we are actually rebelling against God’s Providence, we are claiming a position that does not belong to us as creatures. This is to sin against humility. It is pride. (Father Edward Leen, In The Likeness of Christ, Sheed and Ward, 1936, pp, 17-18; 182-183.)

Thus it is, of course, that I express my forgiveness to the culprit responsible for hacking this site. Everything we suffer is an occasion for us to make reparation for our own sins as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, remembering every suffering has been ordained for us by the loving hand of God from all eternity.

Who are we to complain or to utter a word of protest?

While I do hope that the hacking will stop as measures have been taken to make this less likely, I hold nothing against the individual or individuals responsible for the hacking.

Now, I hope to have a new article tomorrow, assuming that I can complete it before the hacker gets back to work!

Thank you for your patience. I have had to be patient through all of this as well.