A Word to the Readership

One of the major difficulties with the original Christ or Chaos site was its navigability from page to page. This was as frustrating to me just as much as it was to you, the readers.

The new format, however, permits me to categorize articles in a number of different ways. While it may take me a few months to accomplish all that I intend to so, there will be new pages added now and again to list articles in a thematic way in addition to listing them solely in terms of a reverse chronology of publication.

Over the course of time, therefore, there will be pages dedicated to “The Ratzinger Files,” “The Follies of Naturalism Files,” “Devotional Articles,” “Americanism Page,” “Moral Issues Page,” etc. Again, this will take time. However, this may help both older and newer readers to navigate to various articles. I might even create a page for some of the files that had been published under the “Meeting the Mets” banner for those who want information about the book that is still available for sale. (No, I do not think that I will create a “Donations” page on this site as the one on the original site did not exactly move large numbers of readers to support this work, not that we do not need such support, that is. We are simply going to trust in Our Lady and the generosity of those who believe that this work is worthy of even a modest non tax-exempt financial gift.)

As has been noted on the home page of this new site, the original Christ or Chaos site will continue to exist as an archive of previous articles published in the past ten years.

Thank you for your continued patience during the transition process to the new format, although you should tell by now that I am back to writing again. The reigning caesar will come in for a bit of attention on Thursday, January 30, 2014, the Feast of Saint Martina.