July 14, 2014, Special Announcement

July 14, 2014, Feast of Saint Bonaventure:

The work of Christ or Chaos has gone “home” to www.Christorchaos.com!

A reader with vast computer, software and web design and maintenance knowledge contacted me on Thursday, July 10, 2014, the Feast of the Seven Holy Brothers with Saints Rufina and Secunda, and was able to offer me exactly what I wanted to do with the old site. Although the older articles created on the original site are stored as they were created with the Adobe Contribute program, the new front page, which retains much, although not quite all, of the look of the original home page, and all future articles will be written on a system called Drupal, which I like more than the Word Press that has been used on this site, which was converted from being a little used means to promote a little-read book to become the temporary home of my new articles after the Contribute program lost its functionality and denied me the ability to edit older articles or to create new pages. I thank the reader for doing this hard work and for walking this “tech” nincompoop through the process of creating new pages and posting articles.

There is still some work to be done on my part. The rest is explained in the preface to today’s article,

Finally, I noticed over the weekend that the July 11, 2014, Article and Prayer Request post that had been filed under “About Today’s New Article” (something I no longer need to do with Drupal) has disappeared without my doing anything about it. I did not take that post down. I have the text and will restore it in due course after inquiring of the Catholic gentleman whose company hosts this site whether access to its editing functions has been compromised or whether this is simply an unexplained quirk of one sort or another.

To sleep!

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

Saint Bonaventure, pray for us.


July 5, 2014, Evening Hacker Update

July 5, 2014, Feast of Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria within the Octave of Saints and Paul:

Word reached me this afternoon from the owner of the company that hosts this website that it was available for public viewing once again. I do not know how long this will last as someone is really determined to attack this site. Although it would be most imprudent to identify the likely culprit, suffice it to say that there are some who are opposed to sedevacantism who believe that all evidence in its support should be eradicated from public viewing.

This is all within the Providence of God. As noted two days ago now, a time frame that seems like an eternity to me as I have been unable to access this site myself in order to complete the article on the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States of America that were rendered five days ago now, everything that happens to us occurs within the Providence of God. Each situation unfolds as God has known from all eternity that it would.

It is always important to keep uppermost in our minds, which must be conformed to the mind of the Divine Redeemer, that nothing anyone does to us, says about us, thinks about us or causes us to suffer is the equal of what one of our least Venial Sins caused Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to suffer in His Sacred Humanity during His Passion and Death on the wood of the Holy Cross as those Swords of Sorrow were plunged through and through Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. He forgave us and made excuses for us as He hung on the gibbet of the Holy Cross. It is thus that each of us must forgive others even when we have suffered from an injustice, whether real or perceived. The Pater Noster teaches us that we must forgive others as we are forgiven by God Himself.

Writing in In The Likeness of Christ, Father Edward Leen, S.J., wrote some words that should sober us up every time we think “we have it bad” or feel any kind of resentment, hatred or bitterness over that which has happened to us:

Under the reign of Satan men were hard and unfeeling, without pity or tenderness. The one thing they looked up to was the physical power to dominate, and the one thing they feared was the helplessness of poverty. Their life was divided between pleasure and cruelty. Pride and haughtiness instead of being regarded as defects were regarded as manly virtues. Weakness was almost synonymous with vice, and all this tended to fashion hearts imperverious to the grace of God and to every human feeling. Conversion of heart was for them extremely difficult. What God required on the part of man as a necessary condition of their friendship with Him was to them abhorrent, for the practice of the Christian virtues of submission, humility, and patience would be regarded by them as degrading. They had to learn that what was not degrading to God–since nothing could degrade Him in reality–could not be degrading to them. Turning to God postulated on their part not only a change of heart, but also a change of mentality. Their human values were almost all wrong. In the terse words of St. Ignatius describing the pagan world” “They smite, they slay and they go down to Hell“.

In other words, it is the law of things as they actually are that we must continually suffer from others; it is the condition of our being that we shall be the victims of others’ abuse of their free wills; it belongs to our position that our desires and inclinations should be continually thwarted and that we should be at the mercy of circumstances. And it is our duty to bear that without resentment and without rebellion. To rebel is to assert practically that such things are not our due, that they do not belong to our position. It is to refuse to recognize that we are fallen members of a fallen race. The moment we feel resentment at anything painful that happens to us through the activity of men or things, at that moment we are resentful against God’s Providence.

We are in this really protesting against His eternal determination to create free beings; for these sufferings which we endure are a consequence of the carrying into effect of that free determination. If we expect or look for a mode of existence in which we shall not endure harshness, unkindness, misunderstanding, and injustice, we are actually rebelling against God’s Providence, we are claiming a position that does not belong to us as creatures. This is to sin against humility. It is pride. (Father Edward Leen, In The Likeness of Christ, Sheed and Ward, 1936, pp, 17-18; 182-183.)

Thus it is, of course, that I express my forgiveness to the culprit responsible for hacking this site. Everything we suffer is an occasion for us to make reparation for our own sins as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, remembering every suffering has been ordained for us by the loving hand of God from all eternity.

Who are we to complain or to utter a word of protest?

While I do hope that the hacking will stop as measures have been taken to make this less likely, I hold nothing against the individual or individuals responsible for the hacking.

Now, I hope to have a new article tomorrow, assuming that I can complete it before the hacker gets back to work!

Thank you for your patience. I have had to be patient through all of this as well.

May 21, 2014, Update

May 21, 2014, Paschaltide Ferial Day (Mass of the Fourth Sunday after Easter):

Work proceeds on the next original article to be posted on this site. It will serve something of a “going away” gift for Jorge Mario Bergoglio to contemplate as he travels to Jordan and Israel in three days along with his pals Abraham Skorka and Omar Abboud. As the article upon which worked has had to cease well after Midnight requires a good deal of transcription and commentary upon it, the likelihood is that it will be posted tomorrow, May 22, 2014, the Feast of Saint Rita of Cascia.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.


May 9, 2014, Update

May 9, 2014, Feast of Saint Gregory Nazianzen within the Octave of the Solemnity of Saint Joseph:

As a result of an internet outage last night that was simply beyond my control to remedy, part two of The Rubicon Was Crossed Fifty Years Ago, part one, will be posted until later today. It will deal primarily, although no exclusively, with the pending “beatification” of Giovanni Montini/Paul the Sick. My apologies for the delay.

I do, however, have an interesting story to relate that involves Americanism as a fundamental building block of conciliarism (see Conversion in Reverse: How the Ethos of Americanism Converted Catholics and Resulted in the Rise of Conciliarism).

Sharon and Lucy were shopping yesterday when they met an employee who had been stationed where she stood just moments beforehand. Sharon noticed that the woman, named Irma, was wearing what appeared to be a very tiny image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Irma responded to Sharon’s question about the image by exclaiming, “Yes! Catholica! Yes!”

Irma, who is from Mexico, then related the story of how her entire family in Mexico was Catholic, that they lived and breathed the Holy Faith. As soon as they moved to this country, however, each of her siblings, save for one, and her own mother apostatized to become Protestants of one sort or another. They pull of pluralism was too hard to resist, and the craziness of the conciliar liturgies bore no resemblance to even a generic “Christianity,” no less to the true Faith, Catholicism.

Irma bravely bore witness to the Holy Faith as she sat by her mother’s bedside while she was dying and her mother implored her to join her Protestant sect. Irma told Sharon that she said, “No! The Catholic Church is the true Church. None other! No!”

Irma went on to say that she prayed her Rosary every morning and night, doing so at work sometimes when she is able to do so. This woman is a brave champion of Cristo Rey and a devoted daughter of La Virgen de Guadalupe!

Yes, the horrors of American pluralism are still taking people out of what they think is the Catholic Church, aided and abetted in no small measure, of course, by the horrors of conciliarism.

We have much for which to make reparation as the consecrated slaves of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Viva Cristo Rey!

Viva La Virgen de Guadalupe!

April 16, 2014, Update

April 16, 2014, Wednesday of Holy Week (Spy Wednesday):

As part two of Jorge’s Just Naturally a Naturalist, requires much more time to complete as is available at a late hour, work on its completion may have to wait until after Easter Sunday.

To complete the article, which may turn into a three-part series as several other developments (including an “Epistle to Pope Francis” that is a denunciation of Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s humanism by two Greek Orthodox bishops, who believe that Catholicism in and of itself is heretical) have arisen that warrant being covered in the next installment of what might be a three-part series. There is no need to rush part two into print. It is is possible that its completion may be done for tomorrow’s posting. If not, however, it will not appear under after Easter Sunday.

Today is Wednesday of Holy Week, known also as Spy Wednesday, the day that Judas Iscariot betrayed Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver.

While recognizing full well that we have played the role of Judas Iscariot very frequently in our lives, for which we must make constant reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, especially in this week of weeks in which our salvation was wrought for us on the wood of the Holy Cross, we

Father Benedict Baur, O.S.B, wrote of the events of this day, Spy Wednesday, in The Light of the World:

The Church suffers with Christ. She has suffered similar experiences, for often in the course of her history many of her children have proved traitors to their Lord and Redeemer. This is as mysterious as it is terrifying–an apostle turned traitor. He who had been selected from among millions for the special love and esteem of Christ, sells his benefactor for thirty pieces of silver. He who stands, “let him take heed, lest he fall” (1 Cor. 10:12). “Watch ye and pray that ye enter not into temptation” (Matt. 26:41).

Christ sees the traitor approaching, and although He knows his foul plan, He does not withdraw. He offers His cheek to be kissed. He has feelings only of love and kindness even for this traitor. He even calls him friend. In effect He says: Even if you no longer love Me, I will love you and am prepared to forgive you the injury you are doing to Me. Christ shows no bitterness; He has no harsh reproach even for Judas. For this fallen apostle He has only sympathy. What did Judas gain? Thirty pieces of silver and the curse of God. He received a small temporal reward for his treachery and was burdened with a remorse of conscience that drove him to eternal damnation. This is the mysterium iniquitatis, the mystery of iniquity. Sin, the blindness and perversity of the human heart, is indeed a mystery. If the Lord were not so full of kindness and understanding, if He did not love us much beyond our deserts, what would become of us? Even an apostle can become a traitor.

The Church makes a recompense to Christ for the disgrace heaped upon Him by Judas. “In the name of Jesus let every knee bow of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth; for the Lord become obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Therefore the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father” (Introit). He is obedient to the Father, even submitting to the traitor. That was the will of the Father, and it was sufficient for Christ.

Why has the traitor come to betray Christ? What has brought Him? Poor blind apostle! Poor blind Christians! Why do they expend their energies on everlasting worries? Why do they toil so eagerly for money? Why do they seek so avidly for offices, high positions, and the esteem of men? Very often to achieve their ambitions they jeopardize their chances for eternal happiness. Often they forsake religion and neglect the sacraments. What remains to them from all the temporal advantages they may gain? They soon prove empty; this discovery drove Judas to despair and suicide.

“Simon, sleepest though? Could thou not watch one hour with Me?” With these words, spoken by Christ to Peter, the Church calls upon us at Lauds not to leave the Savior alone in His suffering and humiliation. At least during Holy Week let us remain close to Christ. That this may be easier for us, we are led to St. Mary Major. Behold the mother. Behold how Mary suffers with Jesus. Mary represents the Church suffering with Christ. Each of us should imitate Mary in her suffering with her Son.With her we should follow Him with sympathetic hearts and stand under His cross on Calvary. May not Christ address us the sad words “Couldst thou not watch one hour with Me? . . .  He does not sleep, but hastens to betray Me to the Jews” (Responsory at Matins). It is often true that the friends of Jesus sleep while His enemies are hard at work. (Father Benedict Baur, The Light of the World, Volume I, pp. 420-421)

We must, of course, recognize that the lords of conciliarism play the role of Judas Iscariot, perhaps without even realizing it, every day of their lives as they betray the Holy Faith and hand over countless souls to the devil as a result. This is just one of the many reasons that we can never be “una cum” any of the apostates in the false church of conciliarism who see fit to blaspheme God on deceive souls with one falsehood after another on a daily basis.

We must be sorry for our sins, making an especially good and thorough Confession of them this Holy Week, remembering that we are not better than–and are probably very much worse than–most others. As much as we may have done the bidding of the devil in our lives, however, the adversary knows that those of us who are trying to reform our lives are not his friends, that we hate our sins and that we want to grow in holiness so as to be more pleasing in the sight of the Most Blessed Trinity at all times and thus better able to oppose the schemes of the enemies of Christ the King in the counterfeit church of conciliarism who are always so hard at work to betray the true Faith by their unswerving fealty to the apostasies and blasphemies and sacrileges of their false religion.

We must pray to Our Lady for the courage to flee from the Judases in the counterfeit church of conciliarism so that we will not become their enablers in their constant betrayals of the Catholic Faith, begging her to help us to pray extra Rosaries for the conversion of the modern Judases, each of whom is loved by her Divine Son with an infinite love that wills their eternal salvation and would welcome them back to the fold of the true Faith if they repented of their crimes and abjured their errors before they died.

Our Lady is the archetype of Holy Mother Church. She is without stain of sin or the least trace of error of any kind. So is Holy Mother Church. Holy Mother Church takes refuge in the arms of Our Lady in her Basilica in Rome today, Saint Mary Major. Holy Mother Church rushes into the arms of the Blessed Mother to make reparation for the infidelity of the traitor Judas Iscariot and to plead for her children to be faithful always unto the point of their dying breaths. Holy Mother Church can no more give us error or blasphemy or sacrilege or be a participate in various apostasies than can the Blessed Virgin Mary. What more proof do we need that the counterfeit church of conciliarism is a Judas “church” filled with modern-day Judases, for whom we must pray but with whom we must have no association in the slightest at any time for any reason whatsoever.

The hour of shadows approaches. We are about to enter into the Paschal Triduum of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ’s Passion, Death and Resurrection. May reject the ways of Judas Iscariot once and for all as we cleave to Our Lady with the purity of Saint John the Evangelist and the penitent spirit of Saint Mary Magdalene, praying as many Rosaries during this days on which our sins subjected the God-Man to unspeakable horrors and caused our dear Blessed Mother to be pierced through and through with the Fourth through Seventh Swords of Sorrow.

Finally, please do remember to pray today for the repose of the soul of late Cyndi Adele Frances Cain, whose Requiem Mass will be offered in San Diego, California, by Father Gerard McKee, CMRI, at 10:30 a.m., Pacific Daylight Saving Time, remembering to keep her husband, Michael Cain, and their two sons, Kellin and Kevin, in your prayers as well.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and all of the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray for us.

April 7, 2014, Update

April 7, 2014, Monday in Passion Week:

Given the very late-night/early morning posting yesterday of Jorge Mario Beroglio: A Prophet In His Own Mind, which commented on “interview” the Argentine Apostate had with Belgian students and yet another effort on his part to compare himself to the Old Testament Prophets who were persecuted because they, according to him, did not keep the “Holy Spirit in a cage,” it is not possible to have the next original article ready for publication today. Please check back tomorrow.

I do, however, want to alert readers of this site to a superb find on the part of the Novus Ordo Watch Wire that prove the so-called “resist while recognize” position to be completely untenable according to the teaching of the Catholic Church. Novus Ordo Watch Wire was able to have translated from Latin into English two letters written by Pope Leo XIII, one in 1885 and the other in 1888, that specifically and categorically condemn Catholics, most especially journalists, who seek to set themselves up as judges of bishops and the Roman Pontiff himself.

In other words, one must obey “Pope Francis” if he is a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter. His beliefs, words and actions, consonant as they are with the “teaching” of his false religious sect, prove himself outside the pale of the Catholic Church and thus a false claimant to the Throne of Saint Peter. Those who accept him as a true and legitimate Sovereign Pontiff, however, must reckon with how their public criticism of his and his “bishops” has been condemned entirely by Pope Leo XIII in EPISTOLA TUA, June 17, 1885, and EST SANE MOLESTUM,  December 17, 1898.

Please see the posting at Nouvs Ordo Watch Wire: Pope Leo XIII Quashes Popular “Resist-And-Recognize Position.

Those in the “resist while recognize” camp will do one of several things once they become aware of the publication of Pope Leo XIII’s two letters, each of which was published in the the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.

Many will choose to ignore the discovery and publication of these letters as to acknowledge their existence would give credence the Novus Ordo Watch Wire website and the treasure trove of posts and links provided thereon. It is far easier, it appears, to make up straw men to knock down than it is to actually answer reasoned arguments that are presented to explain that the Catholic Church, she who is the spotless, virginal Mystical Spouse of her Divine Founder, Mystical Bridegroom and Invisible Head, Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, can never give us error or teach in an ambiguous manner or even contradict her defined teaching from time immemorial. The very people who chose, as a matter of “strategy,” to ignore Joseph Ratinger/Benedict XVI’s multiple offenses against the Holy Faith, including esteeming the symbols of false religions with his own hands and entering into and calling places of false worship as “sacred,” have proven themselves very adept at ignoring all actual arguments made against their position, condemned as it is by Pope Pius VI in Auctorem Fidei, August 28, 1794, and by Pope Leo XIII in Epistola Tua, June 17, 1885, and Est Sane Molestum, December 17, 1888. (For a review of Ratzinger/Benedict’s offenses, please see Mister Asteroid Is Looking Pretty Good Right About Now.)

Some will claim that the letters, although published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis and thus part of the official teaching of the Catholic Church, are not, in their twisted view, covered by the infallibiity of the ordinary universal magisterium.

Yet others will attempt to deconstruct the plain meaning of Pope Leo XIII’s letters that condemn their position by claiming that they are not doing what Pope Leo XIII condemned.

Those whose religion is “Archbishopolotry” might try to assert that the letters mean nothing because the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, never referred to them, closing the matter to all further discussion.

No matter what approach is taken by the “resist while recognize” camp to ignore, disparage or deconstruct Epistola Tua and Este Sane Molestum, the fact remains that their inherent truth does not depend upon human acceptance of them.

While it is one thing to admit that one has taken an erroneous position, something that I, among many others, have had to do, it is quite another to persist in error once it is pointed out as such on no less an authority than  that of a true Successor of Saint Peter.

Truth is the only thing that can matter to us, not human respect. Indeed, those who continue to reduce the office of the papacy to little more than that of the president of a nation, whose policies may be criticized openly, are actually doing as much, if not more, damage to the true Catholic teaching as has been done by the conciliar “popes,” including Jorge Mario Beroglio himself. This is not a matter of “diabolical disorientation.” Those who fall from the Faith in one thing fall from It in Its entirely, and to assert otherwise is to make a mockery of the entirety of Catholic teaching as summarized so well by Pope Leo XIII in Paragraph Nine of Satis Cognitum, June 29, 1896.

As was noted on this site exactly two months ago now, No Catholic Can Resist a True Pope. To recognize this does not mean that one will find anything approaching perfection amongst the clergy who understand that a heretic cannot be a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter and that the counterfeit church of conciiarism is not the Catholic Church. We lack the Principle of Unity represented by having a true and legitimate Successor of Saint Peter, and thus it is that there will be confusion and disagreement.

God will restore a true pope on the Throne of Saint Peter in his own good time. As has been noted so many times on this site, those who look for a “solution” or an “end game” are not thinking clearly. Indeed, those in the condemned “resist while recognize” camp cannot point to a single “cardinal” in the conciliar church who holds to everything as taught by the Catholic Church from time immemorial. They have no “solution” or “end game,” making it quite disingenuous to base an opposition to sedevacantism on the grounds that it “leads nowhere.” This is irrationality that avoids any dispassionate review of substantive principles of the sort examined and explained in Bishop Sanborn’s response to Bp. Williamson on Sedevacantism.

There are worse things that one can do than to admit he has been wrong. Among these things are being wrong in the objective order of things and refusing to admit it even to himself, no less publicly.

Let us continue to pray for each other in this time of apostasy as we seek to make reparation for our own many sins as the consecrated slaves of Christ the King through the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Seeing and accepting the truth of the state of the Church Militant in this time of apostasy and betrayal does not make us one whit better than those who have as of yet persist in the erroneous, condemned “resist while recognize” position. Much more importantly, seeing and accepting the truth of the state of the Church Militant in this time of apostasy and betrayal is no guarantor of the salvation of our immortal souls, which is why we need to have recourse to Our Lady at all times, especially through her Most Holy Rosary, to plead for her assistance now, and at the hour of our death.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

April 3, 2014, Update

April 3, 2014, Thursday in the Fourth Week of Lent:

Work has commenced on part five of “One Year of Revolutionary Rhetoric and Activity.” This is a time-consuming, labor-intensive endeavor as there is so much apostasy to sort through and then to highlight. If not later today, please look for part five, which will cover July and August of last year, tomorrow, Friday, April 4, 2014, the Feast of Saint Isidore of Seville and the Commemoration of Friday in the Fourth Week of Lent.

Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.


March 4, 2014, Evening Update

March, 4, 2014, Evening Update:

Although the hour is late on March 4, the Feast of Saint Casimir and the Commemoration of Pope Saint Lucius I, I did want to remind those who access this site the Miraculous Novena of Grace begins tonight. Please do join us in praying this powerful Novena. Thank you.

Several republished articles will be highlighted in a few hours. The next original article on this site will appear on Thursday, March 6, 2014, the Feast of Saints Perpetua and Felicity and the Commemoration of Thursday after Ash Wednesday.

Today’s original article, A New King Has Come To Power, is described in the About Today’s New Article.