The Follies of Naturalism Page

Here are links to Articles, listed in reverse order, that have dealt with the follies of naturalism. Most of these articles are found on the  Articles page of the original Christ or Chaos.

This particular list covers the period between February, 2006, and January, 2014. Links to a few articles that appeared between 2001 and 2004 on The Daily Catholic website have also been provided. What I am attempting to do with this new site is to provide something of a thematic listing of articles.

Having spent four hours doing this, however, I can truthfully ask myself the following question: Is there really any need to keep repeating what I have written endlessly? I also believe that the work that has been done in the past four to six years is better and more comprehensive than that in the preceding year.

Anyhow, here are the links. Obviously, most of 2013 was given over to the “Man of the Year,” Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

January 2014 Articles

Barack Hussein Obama: The End Product of Americanism

Up In Smoke 

We Oppose You Because of Your Policies, Mister President, Not Because of Your Skin Color 

Figlio di Sfachim

Liars Still Lie, Liars Still Lie Regularly

December 2013 Article

Partners in Lies and Lawlessness, part one

November 2013 Articles

John F. Kennedy’s Overlooked Legacy


September 2013 Articles

Barack Hussein Obama, Meet Kermit Gosnell

Bumbling Idiots in Pursuit of Evil

Whither Syria’s Catholics

When AIPAC Calls, John Boehner and Eric Cantor Listen

August 2013 Articles

America’s Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Different Chief, Same War Drums

“Frowned Upon”

Francis and Barry’s Religion of Peace

Statism To The Left, Statism To The Right, part two

Statism To The Left, Statism To The Right, part one

July 2013 Article

Reality Is No Impediment To A Demagogue

June 2013 Articles

Irreversible By Means Merely Human

Where The Lesser Of Two Evils Have Led Us: The Gates Of Hell

Breathtakingly Defiant Agents Of Antichrist

May 2013 Article

In League With Racial Engineers

April 2013 Articles

Reunion of Naturalist Gangsters

Rocketing To The Very Depths Of Hell

Complete Creatures Of Caesar And His Minions, part two

Blood Stained From The Very Beginning

Complete Creatures Of Caesar And His Minions, part one

Overthrow Christ the King, Overthrow All Truth, Natural and Supernatural

Channeling John Ireland

Giving Unto Caesar What Belongs To God Alone

February 2013 Article

Cardinal Sarto Delivers State Of The Union Response

January 2013 Articles

Seeking Understanding And Absolution In All The Wrong Places   

Dressed To Kill

Truth Has Never Mattered To The Clintons, Truth Has Never Mattered To Their Hapless Opponents

Very Little Left To Say  

Forty Years of Emboldening, Appeasing, and Enabling Killers, part three 

Forty Years of Emboldening, Appeasing, and Enabling Killers, part two

Forty Years Of Emboldening, Appeasing And Enabling Killers, part one  

Our Slave Drivers Are In Liberation Mode Again  

At The Mercy Of The Merciless

Herod’s Iron Law: Thou Shalt Not Manifest Christ the King

Stick A Fork In”U.S.,” We Are Done, Cooked

December 2012 Articles

On Full Display: Every Americanist Error Imaginable  

Cultural Liberalism Leads To Death   

]Practical Paganism

Seeking To Follow The Example of Saint Nicholas, Not Of The Santa Clauses Who Have Taken Us Over The Moral Cliff    

Finishing Off The Overthrow of the Papal States

November 2012 Articles and Video Presentations

Your “Lesser Evil” Of 2008 Says to Leave Baby Killing Alone

As Went Niatirb, So Goes Acirema    

Weapons of Mass Intimidation

There Is Not Now Nor Will There Be Any Outrage

Do You Hear The People Sing Of Mortal Sin?

Your Greatest Evil Resides In The Apostolic Palace     

True Four Years Ago, True Now: Figures of Antichrist Walk Amongst Us

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney, part eight     

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney part seven

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney, part six    

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney, part five    

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney, part four   

Naturalism’s End Game: Naturalism     

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney part three    

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney part two     

Video Presentation: A Case Against Obama and Romney, part one    

Crisis Management by the Keystone Cops of Naturalism

October 2012 Articles

As If To Add An Exclamation Point

Contrast The Outrage, part two

Contrast The Outrage, part one    

Without Any Rational Foundation

Timmy’s In The Well (Of Americanism, That Is)   

Choosing To Live In States Of Apoplexy

Thursday Night At The Fights

He’s Just A Mormon

In The Midst Of All The Agitation


September 2012 Articles

Those “Bumps In The Road” Will Get You Every Time
Divided By Error, Period

Staged Events

Two Figures Of Antichrist In Search Of “Moderate” Musselmen

Impossible To Fight Moral Evils With Blasphemy And Error

One Party Mocks God, The Other Boos Him

What Kind of Country Do I Want to Live In?


Adding Shame On Top Of Shame


Remaining Unapologetic In Support Of Evil


Mole Men Who Cannot See Truth


Happy As A Stuffed Clam With Himself

Karl Rove: Self-Anointed Political Godfather

August 2012 Articles

Bombast From A Literal High Priest of the Devil  

Herods To The Naturalist Right, Herods To The Naturalist Left 

Only So Much Tolerance In The Republican Big Tent  

Blood Money Talks Loud and Clear, part three   

Blood Money Talks Loud And Clear, part t

Blood Money Talks Loud And Clear


Devils Without Tails


Hatred Of Christ The King Drives This World Of Ours


Fake, Phony, Sanctimonious Fraud


Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., Demagogue Update


Conserving The Welfare State


Germany Is Our Future


Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Heard It All Before

Choosing To Live In Fear With Saint Joseph So Near

To Help The Children?

It Has Come To This: Viva Chick Fil-A, Not Viva Cristo Rey


September Surprises Coming Our Way?

July 2012 Articles

Fortnight of Fraud

All Continues To Fall Apart Absent Christ The King

Naturalists In Self-Parody

Playing It Safe Is Playing To Lose

Chopped Liver No More Update

June 2012 Articles

Deft? Daft Is More Like It, part one

Here To Stay


Springing Back Into Power

Another Reason Why Romney Will Lose

Nothing Can Ever Be “Settled” Without The True Faith

Truly Needless Strife

Killing Us With Their “Concern”

May 2012 Articles

Friends of Caligula


Etch-A-Sketch Midget Candidates and Voters


Way, Way Over The Rainbow


Truth Resistant Strains of Naturalist Bacteria

To Advocate Christ The King, Nothing Else

Illusions Die Hard

Silence In The Face Of Advancing Evils

Abiding Biden And His Counsel

Mutual Admiration Societies, part two

Mutual Admiration Societies

Step By Step Yet Again

April 2012 Articles

Repeating Distinctions Made A Thousand Times Before

From John Carroll To James Gibbons To Timothy Dolan

“Joe” Hasn’t Changed, Fellas

Chopped Liver No More

Witnessing Naturalism’s Many Triumphs

Memo to Eric Holder: There Is No Affirmative Action Program In Heaven

Caesar Obamus Plays By One Set Of Rules–His

Who Grieves For Our Lord and His Most Blessed Mother?

March 2012 Articles

Barabbas Always Wins

Fragile Is The House Of Cards

Etch-A-Sketch Midget Candidates and Voters

It’s Not The “Message,” It’s The Man

Lawless Nations Produce Lawless Men

Common Core: From Luther To Mann To Bismarck To Obama

Midget Naturalists To Be Mowed Down By A Lord Of The World

More Than Just A Fluke

February 2012 Articles

Timothy Dolan, Meet Timothy Dolan

Still Cut From The Same Cloth

Prisoners Of Their Own Apostasy

Blind Midgets Pretending That They Can See

Better Living Through Voting?

Wanting Everything For Free, Including Salvation

Victims of Compromise

John Carroll’s Caesar

Memo To David Axelrod And Other Social Engineers

Frankly Shameless

Antichrist’s Anti-Religious Religious Zeal

January 2012 Articles

Still Trying To Win It Ugly

Men Of Truly Midget Intellects

Bound To Come To This Point

Master Demagogue At Work

Institutionalized Evils

Fast and Furious

God Commands, Man Obeys

Broken Clocks Are Wrong 1438 Of 1440 Minutes Each Day

Broken Clocks

Attention! Attention! Calling All Lemmings! Calling All Lemmings! Drink Your Naturalist Kool-Aid Before Following The Lead Lemming Over the Cliff and Into the Abyss.

Midget Apostates Endorsing Midget Naturalists

Hugo Chavez Ortega Obama

And The Winner Is. . . .

Reworked: Don’t Push Boulders Up Those Hills With Sisyphus

December 2011 Articles

Bob Dole’s Many Faces

John Carroll Opened The Door To Today’s Persecution

Pax Christi, Not Pax Americana

Steeped In Messianic Self-Deception

Memo To The Midget Naturalists From Father Edward Leen

Iraq War “Ends”–Again, But Not For The Iraqis

Let’s Talk About Invented People and Invented States

Always Looking For Those Secular Saviours, Whether From The Left Or The Right

Solving Today’s Problems By Creating Tomorrow’s

Herman Cain: Bush League Clinton

November 2011 Articles

Of, For and By Killers

Barack Obama Is The Fruit Of Practical Atheism

America Still Does Not Realize That Her King Is Beckoning

Fighting Moral Evil With Doctrinal Evil

Just A Whole Lot Of Stuff To Know In A Little Bit Of Time

Let The People Decide?

Why Should Death Of Any Kind Get In The Way?

October 2011 Articles

Antichrist’s One World Governance Is Here

Not Exactly Black And White

Cain Is Not Able

Killers Rejoicing At The Death Of Killers

Still Only Themselves To Blame

Looking For The “Best” Midget Naturalist

September 2011 Article

“Civil Religion” Comes To An End

August 2011 Articles

Right This Way–See Midget Naturalists Flip, See Midget Naturalists Flop, See Midget Naturalists Squirm

No Pot O’Gold At The End Of This Rainbow

Watch The Midget Naturalists Mud Wrestle

All Hail Dead Caesars–No Matter What They Said and Did

Behold A World Starved of Grace

Pope Pius XII Slams The National Not-So-Right-Life Committee and George Walker Bush and All Other So-Called “Pro-Life Pols

“D” Stands For Demagogue

July 2011 Articles

America’s “Debt Clock” Began Ticking On July 4, 1776

Finishing Off Those Who Get Past Abortionists

Independent From One Set of Masons To Be Enslaved By Yet Others

June 2011 Articles

Still Little Word About God And His Law, None About His Justice or His Wrath

To Do The Will Of “The People,” Not Of God

Want to Reconsider the Lesser of Two Evils Business, Folks?

Bush the Lesser in a Coiffure

Sophistry, Thy Name Is Maureen Dowd

Americanism’s Blasphemy of the Most Blessed Trinity

Sitting Atop Mount Olympus, Above the Law of God and Man

Fascism to the Naturalist Left, Fascism to the Naturalist Right

Just A Personal Visit

Caligula’s Got Nothing On This Crowd

Meeting God In The Face After Playing Him In Life

March of the Midget Naturalists

May 2011 Articles

True National Security Is A Joke to This Guy

Liars Lie, Liars Lie Regularly

April 2011 Articles

Scratch A Liberal, Find a Fascist

No Need For Hidden Cameras to Know the Truth

March 2011 Articles

We Are Not Suffering From A Lack of Information

He Swore to Uphold the Constitution, Not the United Nations

To Fall Into The Hands of the Living God

Idols to the Left, Idols to the Right, part 2

Idols to the Left, Idols to the Right, part 1

We Are Not Suffering From A Lack of Information

He Swore to Uphold the Constitution, Not the United Nations

To Fall Into The Hands of the Living God

Idols to the Left, Idols to the Right, part 2

Idols to the Left, Idols to the Right, part 1

Refusing to Read the Signs of the Times

Union of False Opposites

More Serendipity From the “Religion of Peace”

Socialized Nihilism

February 2011 Articles

Canada’s Death Panels: A Foretaste of ObamaCare

Accepting Evil With Ease

Memo To Howard Hubbard: Public Scandal Is Never A Private Matter

Blood Flows Freely in America and Libya

With Zeal for Falsehood

Rank and File Union Thuggery ala Obama/Alinksy

Lightweights Each

Let It Be Established

Slender Threads

January 2011 Articles

American Pots Lecturing Egyptian Kettles

What Iceberg?

“Legal” Baby-Killing Can Never Be Safe or Rare

Heathens Believe in Their Own Might, We Believe in Christ the King

Unrepentant Sin Coarsens Discourse and Conduct

All Falls Apart Absent Christ the King

“Lucky” Mario May Not Be So “Lucky” In The End

Close Ideological Kinsmen

December 2010 Articles

Content With Sloth

Hush, Hush! Don’t Tell the People

Practical Atheism as the Lowest Common Denominator

More Catholic Blood Flows from the “Religion of Peace”

Slick Willie Returns (Or The Return of the Triangulator)

Recipe for Tyranny

Memo to Patrick Joseph Quinn III (and Charles Bernard Rangel)

November 2010 Articles

Criminalizing the Innocent, Indemnifying the Guilty

Defend Truth Now or Lose The Only Election That Matters

All Caesars Go Mad

Still Caught in the Trap of Naturalism

More Committed to Error Than We Are to Truth

Fratricide in the Lodge

As Blind Now As He As Always Been

See Caesar Pout

Written In Sand

October 2010 Articles

We Proclaim Anew What Protestants and Conciliarists Alike Reject: The Social Reign of Christ the King

More Devils Go, More Always Enter

Error Divides, Catholicism Unites

Bag Man in a Karakul Hat

Still Utterly Defenseless Against Itself

No Rules For Liars and Fascists

When We Refuse to Listen to Our King’s True Popes

Chester Riley, Call Your Office

Behold the “Rights of Man”

Still Believing His Own Stuff

If Only Catholics Spoke This Way

Another October 13 Miracle

A System Based on Lies Still Produces Liars

So Much Confusion, So Little Time

Distracting Us With More Side Shows, part three

Distracting Us With More Side Shows, part two

Distracting Us With More Side Shows, part one

September 2010 Articles

Memo to Andrew Cuomo

Gatekeepers of the Mainstream, part two

Gatekeepers of the Mainstream, part one

Combustible Material: Keep Back Five Hundred Feet This Truck Carries Naturalism

Caring Not For Homegrown Terrorism

Apostasy Continues to Have Consequences

August 2010 Articles

Nancy Topcliffe and Her Fiends

Still Trying to Make Everyone Happy Except God Himself

Mainstreaming Mosques

Listen to the Inconsequential Sounds of Naturalism

Intramurals Time for Americanists

Singing A Bit Off Key For Caesar’s Liking

What Commandments, part two

July 2010 Articles

What Commandments?, part one

Revolutions Have Consequences, part one

Memo To Lindsey Graham

Chastisements Under Which We Must Save Our Souls, part one

Naturalism’s Boomerang

As New Dog and Pony Shows Come To Town, part three

As New Dog and Pony Shows Come To Town, part one

June 2010 Articles

Fearing to Offend Men Rather Than God

King George III Is Looking Pretty Good These Days

Are We Much Better?

From The Potomac to the Tiber and Back

Transparently Power Hungry

Much More Than Meets The Eye

Gradually Accepting Naturalism’s Informality

Catholicism Is The Only Foundation of Personal and Social Order

Goofy Is Number Two

Far From Perfect In The Eyes of God

May 2010 Articles

Good Catholic Common Sense Must Prevail, part 2

Good Catholic Common Sense Must Prevail, part 1

Republished: Blame George Walker Bush

Nanny State, U.S.A.

March of The Tooth Fairies

Three Out of Nine, Something That Matters

To A Dead End on the Wrong Path

Caesars Ignoramus

April 2010 Articles

More Wallpaper That Glows in the Dark on Wall Street

When Devils Are Two Of A Kind

Who Says Saddam Hussein Is Dead?

Obama in Disneyland

Another Infamous “John Paul”

March 2010 Articles

Mocking Christ the King Anew in Holy Week

Hubris All Over the Map

When “Boys Will Be Boys” They Grow Up to Be Men Like Joe Biden

Never Give In To Compromise

Front Men For The New World Order

Always Evading Root Causes

Longer Than World War II

Salvation Or Votes?

Becoming What They Once Opposed

King Juan Carlos, Meet Pope Leo XIII

February 2010 Articles

Little Caesars All (Pizza! Pizza!)

Union of Americanists

Aborting Reality

Killing Babies Is A Really Big Deal

Is It Ash Sunday Already?

A Manifesto For Christ the King

Not A Mention of Christ the King

Being “Great” On One’s Own

Raining On The Parade

Religious “Liberty” Even For The Adversary

Stage Left From The Very Beginning

January 2010 Articles

Lost In Space

Not Pro-Abortion?

Thirty-Seven Years of Indifference

We Still Wait For Christ the King

Pressing the Mute Button

No Honor Among Naturalists And Other Thieves

On A Mission of Their Very Own

December 2009 Articles

Hawaii Sleep-O

For Thirty Pieces of Pork

Dear Morons and Idiots in Copenhagen

Not For A Single Innocent Life

Missing the Really Big Picture

Believing His Own Stuff

Messiah Without A Purpose

Lyndon Baines Walker Bush Obama

Huck Passes The Buck

November 2009 Articles:

Obama the Obsequious

Implementing Obamadict’s New World Order

Killing In The Name of The Religion of Peace

October 2009 Articles:


No Christ the King? No Rosary? No Good Cause

Only When They Win

Working for the Nobel Prize From Hell

Enter Lord of the World?


Figures of Antichrist Applauding Each Other


Pinning The Tail On The Next Bob Dole


Naturalistic Time Bombs

Stalking Us All

Flying The Flag for the Commies

September 2009 Articles

Banging Those “Tom-Toms” Once Again

Death To Babies: Kennedy’s Continued Legacy

Voting In Favor of the Druids

Worthy Son of Daffy Gaddafi

Let ‘Em!

Fascism Here, Fascism Now

Ever Anxious To Give Us His Malaise

Why We Must Oppose Naturalism and Naturalists

TelePrompTer: Weapon of Mass Disinformation

You Could Be Swingin’ On A Star

August 2009 Articles

Beacon of Social Justice?

Unfortunate Enough to Be A Baby

Behold The Free Rein Given to Error

Another Victim of Americanism

Meathead Meets Meathead

Applause For Killers

Death To Us All

Insects Living Under the Rocks

Stalag America

Das Vierte Reich

Poster Boys Of Modernity

July 2009 Articles

Says Who?

Back Alley Butchers Never Change Their Tactics

As Incoherent as the Founding Itself

A “Blessing” on a Murderer and His Work

Anniversary Greetings

Let Me Know How the Commies Tip!

June 2009 Articles

Big Pharm Trumps the Holy Cross

Appeasers Never Learn

Intent on Controlling Mind and Body

Kindred Spirits of the New World Order

Reichstag II

May 2009 Articles

Six Out of Nine, Not That It Matters

“Revising” the Faith In Order to be “Free” of Christ the King

No “Common Ground” Between Truth and Error

Keep Focused on Root Causes

Accustomed to Apostasy

April 2009 Articles

Blame George Walker Bush

Barabbas Wins Again

All Hail! Caesar Obamus

Ashamed of the NAME Above All Names

Honors Aplenty for Devils Galore

Promote Personal Sin, Live in Social Violence

Welcome to the U.S.S.A.

March 2009 Articles

Why Should Hillary Know More Than Benedict?

Our Lady Does Not Honor Pro-Aborts

Power Grab

Making Us Our Own Jailers

Stemming From The Same Sentimental Root

Naturalists and Their Bogeymen

Dialectical Americanism

February 2009 Articles

Everybody Dances

Naughty, Naughty, Nancy

A Country Full of Boiled Frogs

January 2009 Articles

Studied Silence, False Hopes

We Wait for Another, We Wait for Christ the King

From Luther to Bush to Obama

Clueless Is As Clueless Does

They Know Not The Way

Moral Monsters

Folding Like Cheap Cameras

Just A Logical Progression

We’re Not in Kansas Any More

December 2008 Articles

It’s Still a World of Sisyphuses

Wallpaper That Glows in the Dark

Valuing Affronts to Christ the King

When Shoes Say More Than Words

Only Themselves to Blame

From One Lodge to Another


It Pays to be Ignorant

Meet George Jetson

Madness Is Easy to Define

Right This Way, Mr. Devil

Little Flickers of Christendom

November 2008 Articles

Another Fine Mess

Yesterday’s Evils, Today’s Accepted Norms

Foggy Bottom’s Bloody Tradition

Taking Advice From The Fuller Brush Man

Clarity Has Its Advantages

The Goddess of Liberty, Thy Name is Blasphemy

Living With Murder Quite Comfortably

We Don’t Want to Learn Anything

By Invitation Only

Do You Hear The People Sing?

Chastisement Is A Silver Lining

Figures of Antichrist

Keeping It Catholic All The Time

October 2008

To Keep Us Perpetually Agitated

Step by Step

Making the Same Tragic Mistakes Again and Again

“I Will Reign In Spite of All Who Oppose Me”

A Really Invisible Hand

Lost in the Trees Without A King to Lead Them

It’s Still Absolute Insanity

Apostasy Has Consequences

Willfully Trapped by Apostasy

Fallacies Galore

Desiring to Stay Ignorant

Such Are The Joys of Pluralism

Socialism, Straight From Your “Pro-Life” Conservative

Trapped by Apostasy

Take A Good Look Around You

September 2008 Articles

Mario Pilate, Pontius Cuomo

Y2K’s Lesser Evil Has Brought Us Great Evils

Wake Up, America, Your King Is Beckoning

The Inconvenience of Truth

Justice Will Lose No Matter Who Wins, 2000

We Continue to Learn Nothing, 2004

We Have Learned Nothing, 2004

Believing in Their Own Madness

Every Error Imaginable

Facts Are Troublesome Things

Absolute Insanity

August 2008 Articles

Gradually Accepting Naturalism’s False Premises

Fools’ Gold

Fact and Fiction

Memo to Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Their Conciliar Enablers

Perseverance and Hope in All of the Wrong Things

Lest We Forget

Bob Dole, part trois

Not Interested in Catholic Truth

July 2008 Articles

No Better than the Chicoms

Abort the Faith, Abort Babies

June 2008 Articles

Lessons From the Past

Cause and Effect

One Devil Goes, Another One Enters

May 2008 Articles

Advancing by Leaps and Bounds

One World Plus One Church Equals Novus Ordo Secolorum

Reference Resource: The Binding Nature of Catholic Social Teaching

Bush Leaguers

Naturally Unnatural

Awash in the Muck of the Potomac

April 2008 Articles

Children of One Revolution After Another

When Helen Keller Meets Ray Charles

Admiringly Understanding the Mind of an Arch-Americanist

March 2008 Articles

A System Based on Lies Produces Liars

Judas the Naturalist

Go Tell Iraq’s Catholics–and American Babies–About The “Lesser of Two Evils”

Darkened Souls Can Be Made White As Snow

Care Not for Rights of Christ the King, Care Not for the Babies

February 2008 Articles

Protected by the Forces of Darkness No More?

Those Who Trust In Mere Mortals

Clueless Then, Clueless Now

An Act That Speaks For Itself

January 2008 Articles

Babbling Inanities of Americanism

By What Stretch of Logic?

Different Names, Same Results

When Lesser is Greater

They Never Take Prisoners

Showing Libertarianism’s True Biases

Hope Against Hope In But Mere Mortals and Their Dreams

Secular Saviors to the Naturalist Right, Secular Saviors to the Naturalist Left

No Decisions to be Made, Only Commandments to be Obeyed

December 2007 Articles

A World of Sisyphuses

God’s Rights or States Rights?

Pure, Unadulterated Americanism

That’s Entertainment

Fascists for Freedom

The Mania Produced by False Premises

November 2007 Articles

Five Percent and Dwindling

This Bud’s Not for You

Upside Down, Inside Out, Topsy Turvy

Just Plain Theater of the Absurd

Cut From the Same Cloth

Calculated Victimology

Selective Use of Executive Power

October 2007 Articles

We Must Never Betray the Cause of Christ the King

Tone Deaf

A System of “Lesser” Evils

Parallel Paths of Degeneration

Make That Judeo-Masonic Humanism, Thank You

September 2007 Articles

Pluralist Theater of the Absurd

Just Another Naturalist in League with Naturalists

Ron Paul, Meet Saint Paul

August 2007 Articles:

Selling the Rope, 2007

So Much for Glasnost

Feeding Caesar’s Bloat

The Carnage of Modernity and Modernism

Neglected Naturalists

Wasted Time and Money and Effort

God’s Laws Apply at All Times

Mutually Irreconcilable: Modern Culture and the Catholic Faith

Things Repugnant to the Peace and Happiness of Eternity

July 2007 Articles

Two Families in Alternate Worlds

Birds of a Naturalist Feather

A Catechism of the Social Reign of Christ the King

A Day of Reparation, Not of Celebration

Giving Unto Caesar What Belongs to God

June 2007 Article

Complacency in the Face of Evil

May 2007 Articles

Spreading Errors Rather Rapidly

Centuries of Error and Deceit

Victims of American Social Engineering

The First Commandment or the First Amendment?

Silent Torture Under Cover of Law

Common Ground for Rudy and Benny

As Always, It’s Christ or Chaos in Souls and in the World

More Cheap Political Tricks

Demanding Total Surrender and Submission

The Fruit of “Reconciling” with the “Principles” of 1787

April 2007 Articles

A Convergence of Dark Forces

The “Fruit” of “Reconciling” with the “Principles of 1789”

An Illusion of a Victory

Cold Blooded Killers Walk Amongst Us Every Day

Do Not Defend a Serial Blasphemer

Par for the Course in the Land of Pluralism: A Serial Blasphemer

Saps at Sea

Spare Us From “New” Ideas

March 2007 Articles

Various Strategies, One Goal

Let Truth Ring in the Ears of Hollow Men

From the Sanhedrin to the SPLC, From Nero to the U. S. Navy

Naturalists to the Right, Naturalists to the Left

February 2007 Articles

No One Speaks for Christ the King

Hardly the Last Roundup

Caesar’s Minions at Work

Revised: America’s Concentration Camps

The Armageddon Gang

January 2007 Articles

One Goes Mad Without the Faith

Hating Without Distinction

Beyond the Merely Natural

December 2006 Articles

Ever Seeking a Loophole from the Truth

Thank You, Martin Luther and John Calvin

November 2006 Articles

It’s Up–and It’s No Good!

Religious Liberty, Pro Vobis et Pro Multis

But, but, but, but. . . .but Nothing!

Take No Chances

Heaven Knows Anything Doesn’t Go

Men Who Think They are Different

The Folly of Playing by the Adversary’s Rules

Enjoy the Myth–of American Freedom, That Is–While It Lasts

Accepting Exceptions as Unexceptional

Fascism at Work and In Your Face

October 2006 Articles

Arrogating Unto the “People” What Belongs to Christ the King     

Fighting for the Right Army

E Pluribus Unum?

Only One Election Matters

September 2006 Article

Even Rome Came to an End

August 2006 Articles

Get a Grip on Reality [2001]

The Illusion of Secular Salvation [2001]

In Full Communion with the Golden Calf

Overcoming Sentimentality

Hiding in the Bushes as Lebanon Bleeds

July 2006 Articles

Stained With Crime from the Very Beginning

What Modernity Hath Wrought

Lost in the Trees Once Again

No Sensus Catholicus, No Common Sense

As a First and Only Resort

Sad Land of Masonry Of Thee I Write

Freedom, You Say?

June 2006 Articles

Contraception Leads to Extinction

Trampling Our Lord and the Preborn With Perfect Impunity

In “Good Standing” to Promote Evil

No Solution Other than Christ the King

April 2006 Article

The Mass and Americanism (1999)

March 2006 Article

No Exceptions to Catholicism, Not One, Ever

February 2006 Article

The Potomac Flows into the Tiber

Good Intentions Do Not Redeem Moral Flaws

Articles on Naturalism That Were Published on The Daily Catholic website from 2001-2004, written before I came to accept the truth that those who defect from even one article of the Catholic Faith cannot hold ecclesiastical office within Holy Mother Church legitimately:

installment 86:    Censorship for Defenders of Our Lady at Notre Dame; Free Press for Sodomites at Notre Dame? First hand account as one man tries to fight the Queer Film Festival on Our Lady’s campus

installment 71:   Frist for the Mill – just who is pro-life these days?

installment 48:   As Always the Babies Lose!